Former stripper: Drugs, sex common in clubs

A former stripper testified Monday she had seen freewheeling drug use and sexual activity when she performed at clubs in seven states.

Julie Shematz testified in support of a new state law that bans contact between exotic dancers and their customers. Her testimony came during the second day of a hearing in which Ohio's adult entertainment industry is asking a federal judge to block enforcement of the new law.

Shematz, 42, said she performed in 14 clubs over a seven-year period in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Rhode Island and South Carolina while financing her college education.

The dancers frequently used drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth and even a date-rape drug to "work up what we call 'the game' - get the game on," she said, referring to their performance.

She testified that sexual contact between dancers and between dancers and their customers was common, along with evidence of prostitution.

"Prostitution was normal," she said. "There wasn't a night that I worked that I wasn't propositioned."

Asked to elaborate, she responded, "It's an environment where you are sexually stimulating males."

Shematz said clubs have gotten tougher since she left the business in 2002. While the clubs where she worked had some rules, she testified, "It's no longer the art of physical entertainment. It's all contact."

When the attorney challenging the law said Shematz wasn't qualified from personal experience to comment on the prostitution issue, she responded, "That is personal knowledge" from her familiarity with clubs where she had performed more than 500 times.

Ohio's adult entertainment industry argues that there is no connection between strip clubs and any increase in crime.

U.S. District Judge Solomon Oliver Jr. set aside two days for testimony on the challenge that claims the new law is vague and an unconstitutional violation of free speech and expression.

Next week the state will present its expert witnesses. The judge's ruling is expected after final written briefs are submitted.

Shematz, who now runs the Fort Myers, Fla.-based Beauty from Ashes nonprofit ministry that she founded to help women break away from the adult entertainment industry, said sexual contact in clubs was common, including licking and biting.

Shematz said she crossed the line to sexual contact with customers in her final year as a dancer.

"I was desperate," testified Shematz, who said she never intended to make a career of stripping.

Under questioning by the attorney for the adult entertainment industry, Shematz said her objections to nude dancing reflected her Christian faith.

J. Michael Murray, the attorney for the adult entertainment industry, questioned why it took Shematz seven years to complete the final three years of her college education after dropping out of Purdue University. She said she was busy taking courses, transferring credits and dancing.

Was she angry about the adult entertainment industry, asked Murray.

"Absolutely not," she responded.

Murray asked if she was determined to shut down the nude-dancing industry.

"No," she testified.

Pressed by Murray, Shematz said all the dancers she knew used illegal drugs. Fewer than half were involved in prostitution, she testified.

Cop pointed gun 'at my face': stripper

A hulking Toronto cop in uniform terrified a tiny "burlesque performer" by pointing his gun at her after groping her breasts in a strip club, a court heard yesterday.

The married mother of three became emotional as she recalled Const. Joseph Green pointing his firearm at her on Oct. 8, 2004, inside the For Your Eyes Only strip club where she worked.

"I was looking down the barrel of a gun he was holding with both hands and pointing it at my face. He's so tall and he was only two or three feet away," said the woman, who cannot be identified.

"I was scared, really scared."

6-FOOT-9 VS 5-FOOT-2

Green, 35, who is 6-foot-9 and weighs over 300 pounds, has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault, pointing a firearm and careless use of a firearm.

The 5-foot-2-inch dancer testified that Green surprised her by asking if she had undergone breast enhancement after she had warmly greeted him with kisses on the cheek. She knew him from two earlier visits he made at the club, court heard.

"No, it's just the halter top," the petite 36-year-old recalled telling the traffic cop.

Green squeezed both her clothed breasts simultaneously for two seconds, she testified. She told the court she said, "No."

"I felt violated and disgusted. I was in shock," she told Justice John Hamilton in the judge-alone trial.

"I tried to slough it off and joke it off," said the woman. "And he was playing with his zipper and said, 'We can make it even'."

She said she walked past a fellow performer who witnessed the incident, when Green aimed his gun at her.

She testified that she quit the "burlesque performance" business, which paid $260 an hour for private dances, 20 days after the incident. She said club management offered to allow her to continue working if she didn't report the incident, but she chose to pursue the matter.

Wife made to work as prostitute

A man has been accused of forcing his new Egyptian wife to work in a brothel so he could buy a flat, before sending her back home empty-handed.

When the man, FS, brought his bride to Sydney in July 2000 after an arranged marriage in Cairo, he told her she would help him pay back money for her visa, a jury has been told.

The woman, now 27, has told the District Court that soon after she arrived he took her to the Hideaway Brothel in Banksia.

"You're going to stay here and you're going to do whatever they ask you," he had told her.

She said she did not speak any English and did not understand what was happening. She objected but she said he told her he knew members of the Mafia, so she was frightened.

FS is charged with procuring his wife as a prostitute and keeping her in sexual servitude.

When she got pregnant, FS allegedly forced her to have an abortion, and she was told to go back to work at the brothel after a few weeks. She also told the court, through an interpreter, he had insulted and hit her on several occasions.

The woman told the court she worked at the brothel for nearly two years, making about $3000 a week, all of which she handed to her husband. She also said he kept her passport.

"He told me that we should have our own unit."

After about a year, FS, who earned less than $13 an hour, bought a unit in Lakemba with a $40,000 deposit, and paid off another $15,000 within a month, Crown prosecutor Brian Rowe said. There was also evidence that about $200,000 was transferred to FS's relatives in Egypt.

In mid-2002, the couple returned to Egypt. FS had allegedly told his wife to leave her clothes and jewellery at their Sydney home. She said he abandoned her in Cairo without luggage or money and later told her family that she stole from him.

She denied suggestions by FS's lawyer, James Fliece, that she had worked in the brothel on her own account and that the marriage was a sham. "Your religion and cultural background didn't require you to obey your husband if he asked you to work as a prostitute, correct?" he asked.

The woman replied: "Yes."

She denied knowing her visa was cancelled shortly before they returned to Egypt, after FS reported her to the Department of Immigration for working as a prostitute. She agreed a migration agent had told her she would be able to stay in Australia if she said she was the victim of domestic violence. The trial continues.

Chaplin Caught with Prostitute

Chattanooga Police arrested 69-year old.. Frank Jump.. of Signal Moutain and charged him yesterday with patronizing prostitution on Watauga Street.

The chaplain says he's innocent....and wasn't planning on having sex with the prostitute.

Jump says he's an author of short stories and that he was doing research for a story he's writing about street people, including prostitutes.

Jump says he wanted quote, "firsthand experience for the story."

He says the undercover female cop never got in his car and that he never offered to pay her.

Jump says he doubts people will believe his story, but he says it's one he will tell to the judge when he goes to court.

His arrest, like most of the others today, took place within a mile and a half of a school.

That school being Clifton Hills Elementary.

Alicia Keys' mom aborts stripper name

If it weren't for her mother, Alicia Keys might have a radically different image.

Keys, who has a new album titled As I Am, says that when she was trying to choose a professional name she went through a dictionary and stopped on the word "wild".

She tells Newsweek in the magazine's November 19 issue that she asked her mother how Alicia Wild sounded to her.

"She said 'It sounds like you're a stripper'," Keys said.

After that, she decided to use Keys.

"It's like the piano keys. And it can open so many doors," said the singer born Alicia Augello-Cook.

Mother sent stripper to school as treat

A schoolboy had a 16th birthday to remember after a stripper ordered by his mother turned up at his drama class.

The boy's mother apparently booked a "gorilla" to mark her son's big day through an agency, but a stripper turned up instead.

The woman even asked her son's teacher at Nottingham's Arnold Hill School and Technology College to film the event so the family could see the boy's reaction.

The stripper, who arrived halfway through the lesson, first walked the unnamed boy around the class on all fours like a dog.

She then spanked him 16 times - once for each year - to the sound of Britney Spears, before stripping down to her bra and knickers.

It was only when she asked the schoolboy to rub cream on her that the shocked teacher called a halt to the show.

The boy's mother reportedly told the school the incident was the result of a booking error.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire County Council, the local eductation authority, said they were investigating how the incident happened.

She said that nobody had been suspended and the police were not involved.

The spokeswoman said: "We and the school are investigating into the situation."

One teenager, who witnessed the show, told the Daily Mail: "She (the stripper) asked the lad to stand up, which he did, and told him he had been a very naughty boy because he hadn't been doing his homework.

"Then she put on some Britney Spears music and got out a collar and lead from her bag and told him to put them on.

"No-one could believe it. Next she ordered him to get on all fours, led him around the classroom and hit him 16 times - once for each year - on the bottom with her whip.

"Then she took off some clothes until she was down to her bra and pants, pulled out some cream, put it on her buttocks and told him to rub it in.

"To be fair to the teacher, you could tell she was just stunned - and when the cream came out she told the stripper 'That's it. That's enough'."

The teenager said the boy the ran out of the classroom while the stripper calmly packed her bag and left.

A spokeswoman for the school said Nottinghamshire County Council was handling the incident.

APD Won't Release Video Of Officer Picking Up Prostitute

The Austin Police Department announced Monday it will not be releasing dash-cam video of a veteran police detective picking up a prostitute.

The city said the attorney general ruled the video may not be made public, because the investigation is still open.

KXAN Austin News, however, obtained audio tapes of a conversation between 21-year veteran Detective Ralph Johnson and his supervisor.

Johnson was suspended for 25 days for violating a department policy that prohibits "associating with persons with bad reputations."

Just after midnight on March 2, Johnson was pulled over in his personal vehicle near the intersection of Alpine Road and Congress Avenue.

"He said, 'Ralph Johnson, did you know you just picked up a known prostitute?' I said ' No, you got to be kidding me!'" Johnson said in the recording.

Neither Johnson nor the prostitute was arrested.

On the streets, soliciting a prostitute is a crime punishable by up to six months in jail.

Flint man faces prison in exotic dancer's beating

A 21-year-old Flint man faces prison time after pleading no contest to beating an exotic dancer in the head with a hammer.

Authorities say after smoking marijuana together on Oct. 22, 2006, Austin M. Schmidt told Abbie VanAmburg to close her eyes so he could give her a Sweetest Day gift. They say he then repeatedly struck the 23-year-old with both ends of a hammer.

The Flint Journal says VanAmburg sustained more than 30 blows, requiring 25 staples in her head and 50 stitches on her face and arm. She says it took about 30 stitches to reattach her left ear, which was nearly severed.

Schmidt made the plea Tuesday. He faces sentencing Dec. 4 in Genesee Circuit Court.

Man's sex tryst ends at precinct

A 51-YEAR-old man's sexual agreement with an 18-year-old prostitute ended at the police precinct with his whole family in the know.

Edgar said the young woman left even before he can be satisfied. The young woman in turn claimed she stopped because Edgar got back the P450 he earlier gave her as "down payment."

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In turn, Edgar claimed he merely got back the money because the young woman refused to continue the sex act.

Edgar said he picked up the woman along Tionko Street, where several groups of prostituted women hang out. They first had dinner before checking into a lodging house where Edgar said he paid P300 for a room.

The agreed on price was P500 and the young woman demanded that Edgar pay up the P450 right away.

Edgar said in the middle of the sex act, the young woman got off and so he took back the money.

Now he's blaming the woman for the trouble he has found himself in. "Minsan lang ako maglipay-lipay nabulilyaso pa," Edgar said, admitting he is married with three children.

Former prostitute talks about what happened and what life is like now

She was walking the streets selling her body and taking drugs for five years.

Now, she's clean and "it feels nice."

"Dee" took one puff of crack and "that was it."

That's not her real name. But Dee wants other women to avoid the mistakes she made. So she agreed to speak to the Tribune as long as her name wasn't used.
Once she became hooked and needed money to supply the habit, Dee did the only thing she knew to do - become a hooker.

But before she went to jail for six months, she lost everything, including her two children.

"I was scared out there," Dee said. "It was pretty awful. You'd just hop in a car with someone and never think that something bad could happen or they might hurt you. But those things do happen and it's scary."

Dee said not only could bad things happen from strange men, the girls themselves can do bad things to each other and the men they deal with.

"There are some out there who are just on the streets to rob people," Dee said. "They don't care. They just want the money."

Before becoming addicted to crack, Dee was a "functioning alcoholic."

"But I could deal with everyday things," Dee said. "I could deal with my kids and stuff. Then I got hooked on the crack and that was gone. That was that."

What changed Dee's life was getting help from sources outside her friends and those on the streets with her.

"The minute I got out of jail my boyfriend picked me up and took me away from all my other friends," Dee said. "I got into counseling at Muskingum Behavioral Health and started going to church. You can't stay around the same people or places. You'll get sucked right back in if you do."

Dee says Diane Hildebrand, one of the counselors at MBH, saved her life.

"She's my best friend," Dee said. "I tell her anything and everything. She tells me the truth about things. Help is out there if you want it. But, you have to want it and be willing to work for it."

The road to being clean is hell, but Dee said it's worth every minute in the end.

Now Dee gets to spend time with her family and new friends. She helps care for her father, who is ill, and said she's so happy and proud to be able to do that.

"He tells me he's proud of me and that really makes my day," Dee said, her voice faltering for the tears. "I'm just grateful my dad gets to see me clean."

And while she lost custody of her children, she says she is in touch with them and the oldest one tells her how proud she is of her.

"That's pretty special," Dee said.

While it is an everyday struggle to stay away from the drug, Dee said she knows that if she goes back, it could be the end.

"I think about crack everyday," Dee said. "But I stay away from the places I know I can get it at and the people who use it or could get me to use again. I've had to change my entire life and that's what needs to happen."

Dee said six months in jail was her wake-up call.

"That was enough for me to know that I didn't want to do that ever again," Dee said. "But, some people just don't learn. There are girls who the minute they get out of jail, turn around, get that crack and are back out on the streets. They just don't learn."

Scores stripper's two dogs snatched on upper East Side

An upper East Side exotic dancer is cursing the cruel thief who stripped her of her two high-priced pooches in the latest of a spate of canine kidnappings plaguing city pet owners.

Daisy Rojas, 31, a stripper at Scores East, said her dogs, Charles and Darwin, were swiped Saturday night from outside a restaurant where she was eating.

"They're my life. They're everything to me. They're my children," Rojas said of her cuddly best friends, both white Malteses.

Rojas said the dogs were tied to scaffolding with their matching Louis Vuitton leashes outside the Sofrito restaurant on E.57th St. near First Ave.

The brown-eyed brunette said she was in the restaurant for no more than a half hour, but when she returned, the dogs were gone.

Investigators with the 17th Precinct were looking for a potential suspect, a man shown on a security camera playing with the dogs shortly before their disappearance, according to a source at the restaurant.

"We're definitely going to take care of it. We'll find those dogs," said the source. "We are very concerned for the dogs."

Rojas said she and her dogs are well-known in their upper East Side neighborhood and it never entered her mind they could be at risk so close to home.

Rojas showed the Daily News the many pictures of her dogs decorating her apartment, including a portrait painted of her posing with Charles and Darwin. She said she even had the dogs baptized and gave The News a peek of a tattoo she has of her dogs' names.

Rojas paid big bucks for the dogs - $3,500 for one and $4,000 for the other.

"They're the ones that when I'm down and I hold them, I have no worries," said Rojas, adding that her locker at Scores East is festooned with more photos of her pets.

Rojas spent yesterday posting flyers throughout her neighborhood, pleading with the dognappers to return them: "I just want to be positive that I'm going to find them."

Rojas is one of a string of New Yorkers who have recently had their dogs snatched.

Stacey Grant says her Boston terrier Molly vanished last month after she left her beloved animal outside a Brooklyn laundermat for 90 seconds.

Grant got Molly back after shelling out $2,500 to the men she suspected of stealing her.

Bronx nurse Susan Roberti's Yorkie, Mikey, went missing from her front yard last month, prompting her to offer a free trip to Disney World to the person who found the dog.

Mikey was found on Halloween by a construction worker who spotted the dog running up and down the street a few blocks from Roberti's home.

Judge criticized in prostitute rape case

In a rare rebuke, a bar association has criticized a judge for refusing to uphold sexual assault charges against a man who allegedly let friends rape a prostitute he had hired. The judge said she considered the case "theft of services."

Municipal Judge Teresa Carr Deni heightened the furor when she defended her decision to a newspaper. "She consented and she didn't get paid," Deni told the Philadelphia Daily News. "I thought it was a robbery."

Dominique Gindraw was accused of ordering the accuser at gunpoint to have sex with three men. But Deni dismissed the rape and sexual assault charges on Oct. 4. She upheld conspiracy, robbery, false imprisonment and other charges against Gindraw.

The chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association issued a statement Tuesday that questioned Deni's understanding of state law.

"The victim has been brutalized twice in this case: first by the assailants, and now by the court," Chancellor Jane Leslie Dalton wrote. "We cannot imagine any circumstances more violent or coercive than being forced to have sex with four men at gunpoint."

The 20-year-old woman, a single mother, testified that she worked for an escort service that advertised through the Web site Craigslist.

She went to a North Philadelphia home on Sept. 20 to meet Gindraw, who had agreed to pay her $150 for sex. He then said a friend was coming with the money and that the friend would pay her another $100 to perform sex acts.

Instead, three other men arrived, and Gindraw pulled a gun and ordered the woman to have sex with all of them, she testified.

"He said that I'm going to do this for free, and I'm not going nowhere, and I better cooperate or he was going to kill me," she testified at a preliminary hearing.

Gindraw also took her cell phone and a purse containing pepper spray, she said.

The other men have not yet been identified or charged.

"Even though the woman is a prostitute, it doesn't mean she couldn't be a victim," Dalton said Wednesday. "Once she says 'No, it's not OK,' then to have sex with her is rape."

A bar association committee recently gave Deni high marks and recommended that voters support her in a Nov. 6 judicial retention election.

Deni, who makes $148,596 a year, did not immediately return a phone message left at her office Wednesday.

Assistant District Attorney Richard DeSipio and Gindraw's public defender, Susan Lin, also did not return messages.

PC stripper helps spam to spread

Spammers have created a Windows game which shows a woman in a state of undress when people correctly type in text shown in an accompanying image.

The scrambled text images come from sites which use them to stop computers automatically signing up for accounts that can be put to illegal use.

By getting people to type in the text the spammers can take over the accounts and use them to send junk mail.

Son Goes To A Strip Club With Dad's Credit Card, Ends Up With $53,000 Bill

Two months after a recent college graduate incurred $53,000 in charges at a gentleman’s club on Okaloosa Island, investigators are reviewing allegations of fraud and larceny.

Tommy Salter, 24, of Warner Robbins, Ga., was at Club 10 early Aug. 18, celebrating his graduation from Georgia Tech, according to his father and an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s report.

Salter told Club 10 employees he could only spend $600, according the report.

But his dad, 52-year-old Joe Salter of Mary Esther, was shocked by the $53,000 charge that ended up on a joint American Express credit card account he shares with his son.

“Their employees totally took advantage of my son,” Salter said Saturday. “It’s totally ludicrous.”

The club’s co-owner called it “a huge champagne night.”

“Oftentimes, men come in here and they spend a lot of money in an effort to show off in front of the entertainers,” said Tim Beal. “And then they get buyer’s remorse.”

Club 10 employs women who also perform private dances, but Okaloosa County law prohibits full nudity.

Beal said Salter bought at least 19 bottles of champagne in a champagne room. The bottles can range from $150 to $2,000. He also said Salter bought “Club Cash,” Monopoly-like money used to tip waitresses.

But Joe Salter said 24 of the 30 receipts he received from American Express were printed after 4 a.m. — when the club should have been asking patrons to leave.

He said his son was kept at Club 10 until 8 a.m., when employees drove him home.

The last charge came at 7:54 a.m., he said.

He said Tommy had been drinking heavily before arriving at Club 10 and could have been an easy target for manipulation.

Allegations on an Oct. 12 sheriff‘s report include larceny over $20,000 and credit card fraud. They represent charges that could be filed if the case is pursued in criminal court.

Otherwise, it may end up in civil court.

But Beal said he’d already been in contact with American Express after Salter filed a chargeback with the company, seeking to have part of the charge withdrawn. The company decided in Club 10’s favor.

“We rarely ever lose chargeback attempts,” Beal said.

Club 10 policy prohibits running tabs in the champagne room, Beal said. Patrons must instead sign a receipt for each champagne purchase they make on credit. Beal called it a “straight sale” policy.

He said the younger Salter signed each receipt, even scrawling his initials next to the itemized charges.

But Joe Salter says only the signature on the first receipt matches his son’s signature; the rest are signed with scribbles.

He also said Tommy came home with bruises on his neck. He believes they came from club employees yanking him awake throughout the expensive morning.

In a letter to American Express, Beal wrote that Joseph Salter told him, “This is not the first time my son has done something like this,” and “My son gets out of control when he drinks.”

Salter called those statements false and said past credit card statements would prove that his son had never “done something like this” before.

When asked if a manager or any other employee considered refusing to keep accepting payments from Salter that night, Beal said Salter appeared to know what he was doing.

“This fellow was lucid,” Beal said. “He was actually dancing with the manager, Chris, right before he left.

“He was in the best mood.”

Beal said there are “many occasions” when employees would cut off customers from buying more alcohol, but this wasn’t one of those cases.

It’s unclear if security camera footage captured any or all of the transactions.

Still, Beal said he was willing to listen to the Salters’ case in a private meeting.

He estimated he might reconsider about $15,000 of the total bill, although Salter said meetings scheduled with the club’s owners had repeatedly been postponed or ultimately canceled.

The case is still under investigation as deputies await Tommy Salter’s statement, Joe Salter said.

Emma Thompson's graphic prostitute role to highlight sex trafficking horrors

Oscar winner Emma Thompson will play the role of a prostitute in a shocking viral video on sex trafficking.

The actress portrays a prostitute who is trafficked into the country and forced to sleep with around 40 men per day, in a bid to underline the plight of thousands of women.

The video depicts the unfortunate fate of an estimated 4,000 women and girls trafficked into the UK each year and forced into prostitution.

The video is an honest endeavor to pressure the Government into approving the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in human beings, which would protect victims.

The campaign is being backed by the Body Shop in honour of Dame Anita Roddick, who died last month.

The shop is working with the Helen Bamber Foundation, an organization which looks after survivors of genocide, torture, trafficking and rape.

"The horror of human trafficking is a subject that my mother and I discussed often over recent years, as it was an area close to my mother's heart," The Sun quoted Roddick's daughter, Sam, as saying.

"There's nothing that makes me happier than to see The Body Shop taking on this campaign," she added.

The campaign will raise funds for the foundation by selling a set of six postcards of artworks illustrating the 'journey' of a trafficked woman.

Thompson and Sam Roddick are also expected to deliver a petition to the Government in November to take action against trafficking. (ANI)

Two more no-prostitute zones

Thanks to a new ordinance, Pierce County can ban prostitutes and their customers from two problematic areas along the outskirts of Tacoma.

The measure allows law enforcement officers to arrest men and women whom judges have ordered to stay out of the areas, even if they are not soliciting new customers or looking for prostitutes.

“It makes our job easier and it makes it tougher for them to avoid us,” said Pierce County sheriff’s Lt. Larry Minturn, who supervises the department’s drug and vice unit.

With the new “Stay Out of Areas of Prostitution” ordinance – known as SOAP – the county joins Tacoma, Fife and Lakewood in defining geographic areas that prohibit prostitution-related activities.

“We need the same tools or else we end up being the dumping ground,” sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said.

The County Council unanimously approved the ordinance in March. Boundaries of the new areas were approved recently.

The two areas cover a strip of Pacific Avenue from the Tacoma city limits to the Roy Y and a square pocket southeast of the city limits from McKinley Avenue to Waller Road, South 72nd to South 84th streets.

The order prohibits the person from being in the areas for any reason except between 9 a.m. and noon. A violation is considered a gross misdemeanor and punishable by up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Under the ordinance, District Court judges can impose the stay-out order at arraignment or at sentencing.

“We felt it was important to give the court authority to do it at that time,” said Craig Adams, the sheriff’s legal adviser.

Tacoma, Lakewood and Fife police officials say their SOAP ordinances have had an impact.

Lakewood has seen a 70 percent to 80 percent drop in prostitution-related arrests and complaints, Police Chief Larry Saunders said. Tacoma officers had 57 SOAP-related calls in 2006.

“We definitely need it,” Tacoma police officer Chris Travis said. “It helps us do our job. It helps us to be able to contact people.”

Fife police have caught a few repeat prostitutes in their SOAP areas but not a lot, Lt. Tony Budzius said.

“Those are far and few between,” he said. “Usually, they learn after the first or second time.”

The agencies usually need to conduct undercover operations to catch prostitutes and customers in the act.

Once those people have SOAP orders, patrol officers can arrest them for trying to conduct their business.

“You don’t have to do undercover operations anymore,” Saunders said. “SOAP takes a much stronger stance with a lower level of proof.”

The orders are just one tool to combat prostitution locally, officials said.

The other pieces include undercover sting operations, a day-long school for men caught soliciting a prostitute and the Promise program, which aims to get prostitutes off the streets and provide them with job training.

Despite the success of SOAP orders, Travis said, they don’t stop everyone because many of the women sell themselves for money to feed drug habits, something they can’t resist.

“There are people out there who aren’t going to be abide by it,” he said.

UM Law Prof Charged Soliciting Prostitute

A University of Miami Law School professor who teaches criminal procedure and constitutional law had been charged with soliciting an undercover officer for sex, according to CBS4 news partners The Miami Herald.

D. Marvin Jones, 56, was arrested Aug. 22 in Miami's Little River neighborhood at the intersection of NW 79th Street and 1st Court.

According to a police report, he allegedly approached an officer who was posing as a prostitute and offered $20 for sex.

Jones, a published author who has taught at UM since 1988, has been on sabbatical since the beginning of the fall academic semester.

The school's dean, Dennis Lynch, told The Miami Hurricane student newspaper he was aware of the charge against Jones.

Jones pleaded not guilty to the solicitation charge last month and has requested a trial, court records show. If convicted of the second-degree misdemeanor, Jones would face up to 60 days in jail.

The newspaper reported attempts to reach him Thursday were unsuccessful.

Baton Rouge stripper convicted of murder

A Baton Rouge stripper has been found guilty of fatally shooting her boyfriend, then dumping and burning his body.

A jury deliberated three hours yesterday before convicting 29-year-old Rachel Smith of second-degree murder in the slaying of Charles Jumonville III.

Prosecutors say Smith fired four bullets into the 29-year-old Jumonville on March 27, 2006, at her Baton Rouge apartment before loading his body into her car, taking it to an abandoned sawmill near Amite and burning it on top of a woodpile.

Authorities say Smith met Jumonville when she was dancing at an Ascension Parish club under the stage name "Sable" and where he was working as a disc jockey.

State District Judge Todd Hernandez scheduled sentencing for December 11.

Sister turned in accused killer

Startling details about the case against accused prostitute killer Thomas Svekla emerged after a detailed RCMP affidavit was released yesterday.

Svekla's sister turned him in to police after realizing a hockey bag at her home that Svekla said contained "compost and worms" actually hid the wrapped body of slain prostitute Theresa Innes.

The same sister told police her "very nervous" "crying and distraught" brother told her he had "done something very, very bad" a week before the mutilated body ofRachel Quinney was found.

The affidavit reveals Quinney's body was found naked and both her breasts and genitalia had been removed.

The 188-page document also names and details other suspects of Project KARE, a task force investigating the killing and disappearance of Edmonton-area prostitutes.

As well, it discloses police used both undercover officers and confidential informants in the investigation of Svekla and recounts some of the alleged killer's statements.

Svekla, a 39-year-old mechanic, is charged with second-degree murder and interfering with a human body in the slayings of both Quinney, 19, and Innes, 36.

Quinney's body was found in a patch of trees near Sherwood Park on June 11, 2004. Police allege Svekla killed her earlier and mutilated her body.

The body of Innes was found nearly two years later, on May 8, 2006. She had been stuffed in a hockey bag at a Fort Saskatchewan home.

Police allege Innes was slain earlier in High Level and her body transported the 700 km to Fort Saskatchewan inside the hockey bag.

According to the affidavit, Svekla's sister, Donna Parkinson, looked into the hockey bag her brother left at her Fort Saskatchewan home because she was suspicious.

"Parkinson said she recalled starting to hyperventilate when she felt the package was hard."

An autopsy revealed the body had been wrapped in garbage bags, a shower curtain and an air mattress and about 50 small gauge wires had been used in the wrapping. No cause of death was determined.

Parkinson told police that when Svekla told her he had "done something very, very bad," he looked unusually clean and was covered in scratches.

Prostitute jailed after stabbing

A prostitute who stabbed another working girl in the chest has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Nadine Symonds, 25, pulled out a knife and shouted "I am going to kill you" to Kelly Bramwell, Luton Crown Court heard.

The victim suffered a punctured lung and had to have her chest drained. She spent a week in hospital, said Natalie Carter prosecuting.

Symonds, a mother-of-two, from Bingen Road, Hitchin, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent on September 27 last year.

Mrs Carter said both women worked as prostitutes in Luton and had known each other for about four years.

In the early hours of the morning the victim was at a friend's house when Symonds was let in. She confronted Miss Bramwell telling her to leave and produced the knife.

When Miss Bramwell got to a nearby road junction she was aware that Symonds was running towards her. She dropped the bag she was carrying and realised she had been stabbed to the right side.

An ambulance was called and she was taken to Luton and Dunstable Hospital where she was found to have a 4cm stab wound.

Symonds was arrested and gave no comment interviews.

Defence barrister Stephen Akinsanya said last Thursday that Symonds showed "genuine and obvious remorse".

He said he hoped that she could remain drug and alcohol free, having made progress in jail since being remanded in custody. Art work carried out by Symonds while inside had been commissioned for display, he said.

Judge Richard Foster told Symonds she had launched "a life threatening attack. This could have been a murder case. It is tragic for everyone concerned."

He told her that the 71 days she had already spent in custody would count towards her sentence and that she can expect to be released half way through the three-and-a-half year sentence.

The judge said: "On your release do not relapse into drug or substance misuse.

Tuberculosis outbreak blamed on stripper

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Dozens of people in St. Maarten are being treated for latent tuberculosis after health officials warned that they may have been exposed to the illness by a stripper infected with an active form of the disease.

At least 40 people tested positive after the health department treated an exotic dancer from the Dominican Republic several months ago and sent her home, according to a government news release issued Friday.

Health officials struggled to identify those exposed, launching a public campaign to urge anyone who had contact with the woman to seek treatment. They now believe they have identified everyone infected.

Tuberculosis is caused by airborne bacteria that attack the lungs and can be fatal. People with latent tuberculosis do not feel sick and present no symptoms, but are at risk of contracting the full disease, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Stripper's visit turns into robbery

FORT MYERS: A man's early-morning visit from a stripper turned into a robbery Friday.

Deputies say Brandon Hutchinson met a woman. Later identified as Angela Vanreyendam, as the Escapades nightclub Wednesday night.

The man exchanged phone numbers with Vanreyendam, 22, and left the club.

They agreed to meet at Hutchinson's house on Hartland Street in Fort Myers Thursday night, but after the woman didn't show, he went to bed.

Around 5:30 a.m. Friday, he heard a knock at the door. Vanreyendam was there, along with a man she identified as her cousin, Rodney Vanreyendam, 41.

Investigators say the three went into the home, where Angela Vanreyendam asked to use the bathroom.

Hutchinson told deputies he led her there, then turned around to Rodney Vanreyendam pointing a shotgun at him.

Deputies say Angela Vanreyendam came back with a handgun and demanded all the jewelry and money in the home.

The duo allegedly bound Hutchinson and taped his mouth while they ransacked the home.

They ordered Hutchinson into the bathroom and told him to wait for five minutes before coming out or he'd be shot.

He waited, then woke his roommate up and called deputies.

Investigators first went to the club. They learned Angela Vanreyendam had called just before their arrival asking the owners to shred all information about her and not give out any personal information to anyone who might ask for it.

Detectives tracked Rodney Vanreyendam to a home on SW 8th Court in Cape Coral.

They talked to a man living at the home, who said only his girlfriend was inside. But another deputy watching the home could see two women in a bathroom - one he identified as Angela Vanreyendam.

Rodney Vanreyendam was also found hiding in the home.

Deputies searched the home and found a gun, passport, wallet, keys and paperwork stolen from Hutchinson.

Both Vanreyendams are charged with home invasion robbery.

Officer tied to prostitute has license pulled

A former Mesa police officer who provided his co-workers with false information about the identity of his girlfriend, a known prostitute, during an investigation last year can no longer serve as a law enforcement officer in Arizona.

Steve Roman resigned last year from the Mesa Police Department after questions were raised over whether he was untruthful to officers during a police investigation about his girlfriend, Kimberly Ann Morgan. He provided a wrong last name and birthdate for Morgan. At the time, Roman was dating and living with Morgan.

On Wednesday, the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board accepted a consent agreement with Roman where he voluntarily relinquished his state certification. AZPOST offered the agreement with Roman because he is not medically able to attend hearings or serve as an officer, records show. The agreement does not make any finding of misconduct, records show.

Roman, who now lives in West Palm Beach, Fla., has suffered for 15 years from a brain tumor. As a result, Roman has severe memory problems, is disabled and cannot work, according to Dr. Enrique Lizardi and AZPOST records.

Roman's career as an officer began to unravel June 14, 2006, when Mesa police were called to investigate an incident at Golfland SunSplash water park in west Mesa.

A woman told police that Roman, who was off duty, and two females with him were standing in a parking space to save it. When the woman objected, Roman called her a profane name and reached into her car and grabbed the gearshift, according to a police report.

Roman told police he feared for his and the group's safety when the woman began driving toward them.

One of the women with Roman, Morgan, told the woman, "My boyfriend is a cop. He'll take care of this," according to the report.

According to a Mesa police internal affairs probe, Roman showed his badge at the scene. Roman then provided untruthful information about Morgan to the investigating officers, AZPOST records show.

Roman said his girlfriend's last name was Johnson but recanted. He also provided an incorrect birth date for her. Morgan gave the identical incorrect date. Roman also told police that Morgan didn't have a driver's license because she was from New York and probably used the public transit system. He told the officer that he is from New York and didn't get a driver's license until he joined the military. Mesa police investigators later learned that Morgan had a valid Tennessee driver's license.

Morgan, who sports a dollar sign and "Pretty Risky's No. 1 Leading Lady" tattoos on her thigh, had two prostitution convictions in Mesa. At the time of the incident, she had four outstanding Mesa city court warrants mostly involving prostitution, records show.

The internal affairs investigation revealed that Roman has ran criminal background checks on Morgan using her correct birthday four times since November 2005 while on duty.

The officer determined no crime had occurred at SunSplash and closed the case. But a sergeant at the scene recognized Morgan. The sergeant felt Roman was misleading police, which sparked an internal affairs investigation. He resigned before being interviewed for the internal affairs probe. The probe found Roman did violate department policy by failing to report accurately, records show.

Mesa police reported to AZPOST a possible violation of its rules last year and an investigation was started.

A Stripper Scandal Avoided

Let's start with the scene: an upstairs party room Tuesday night at Sonoma, one of Capitol Hill's hippest restaurants, where friends gathered to celebrate the publication of local writer Kelly DiNardo's new book about legendary striptease artist Lili St. Cyr.

And along with the shrimp, open bar, and charcuterie, DiNardo also arranged for a performance by a local burlesque queen who goes by the provocative name of Kitty Victorian. And here's where the potential comes in: In an adjacent party room, Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle, a Democrat from outside Pittsburgh, was hosting his own gathering--sans strippers. So when Ms. Victorian began with the black fans, rhinestones, and loads of exposed flesh, the photographers were keeping their fingers crossed that Doyle might wander through and tabloid news might occur.

Alas, Doyle kept to his room until long after Kitty's fans were packed away. Our Liz Halloran asked Kitty whether she'd had any luck breaking into the political fundraising circuit. "Not yet," she said. "But I'm trying. I'm trying."

Police: Stripper-Involved Death Was Self-Defense

Authorities are investigating a twist in the shooting on Tuesday night involving a stripper.

Orange County investigators said the stripper was part of a setup to rob the people who hired her.

One of the intended victims shot and killed a man who detectives now say was there to rob him, and had a gun of his own.

The exotic dancer was invited to a private home, but it seems she was part of a larger, Internet-based scheme to rob the two men who invited her, investigators believe.

"It's very weird," neighbor Maria Fernandez said.

Area residents first became concerned after they heard the shooting was the result of an argument over an exotic dancer.

"People have parties, and they have these strippers come to the house in your own neighborhood. You know, i'ts like, unbelievable," Fernandez said.

Then authorities discovered a new twist in the case on Wednesday afternoon.

"You have two individuals that were just looking for a night of entertainment, unfortunately, they called in the wrong act," Sgt. Alan Lee of the Orange County Sheriff's Office said.

Homicide detectives said the two men had responded to an ad for an exotic dancer on Craigslist.

"A lot of times there is inherent risk with that. A lot of times these ads, it's a setup for you to be robbed," Lee said.

Detectives said the woman went to the house first to scope it out in order to determine for her accomplice if it was worth robbing.

The dancer's accomplice showed up with a gun and the homeowner returned fire with his own weapon and killed the man.

Authorities said neither of the two residents of the home will be charged.

"They were acting in self-defense," Lee said.

Detectives have been working to try to figure out the identity of the man who was shot to death. They strongly suspect the man has a criminal record.

The police are encouraging victims of similar crimes to contact them directly.

Stripper's Manager Shot, Killed After Customers Complain

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Crime scene technicians were at an east Orange County home Wednesday morning where a stripper's manager was shot and killed. The incident happened in the Harbor East subdivision.

Early Wednesday morning, Orange County sheriff's investigators were hammering and chiseling away inside the crime scene at the Orange County home after a party didn't end the way it was supposed to. Deputies were questioning people at the party to find out exactly what happened.

Investigators said the three people inside the house, two men and a woman, hired an exotic dancer. They weren't happy with her and, when they realized she wasn't the one they hired, they called her manager to complain.

The 25-year-old dancer returned to the house and got into a fight, but the fight got out of control. Several shots were fired and the stripper's boss was hit multiple times. He later died at a Winter Park hospital.

"There's still somewhat of an unusual case and there's still much to be learned about what happened inside," said Jim Solomons of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators were trying to figure out if the shooting was a case of self-defense. The State Attorney's Office could file charges Wednesday afternoon.

Ex-Prostitute Shares Story of Hope

A former Valley prostitute shared her story of hitting rock-bottom and rebounding to recovery in observance of October as "Prostitution Awareness Month."
``I would do just about anything for just about any price," said Jeanne Allen, sho spent five long years on the streets, hooked on crack and heroin. She said that chapter in her life was lonely and dark.

``Get in and out of cars with men I didn't know, never knowing if I would come out alive," she said. ``It's a very scary lifestyle."

Out of a car, straight to a dopehouse, then right back out again, Allen said it was a vicious cycle of destruction.

``I've had guns held to my head, I've been raped by a couple of men at a time. I've been beaten down. I had one instance where the guy pushed me out of the car after he was done and came back to beat me up some more. And you know what I did? I got up, walked to the nearest corner, got in the next car and did it again."

Allen said there really wasn't anything she wouldn't do, and her self worth was destroyed.

``My amounts started out high in the beginning, but as I got more into the drugs, the dates got cheaper and I lowered myself to levels I never thought I would."

Allen was busted at least eight times for prostitution and other crimes. Her last arrest was in June 2005.

Phoenix has some of the toughest prostitution laws in the country, but the city also offers diversion programs for women like Allen.

Now, she shares a message of hope.

``Truly, my destination today is to help another come out of what I was through," she said. ``That's why it's important to me to tell my story. As painful as it is at times, there's still some good that comes out of it today, and that really brings a lot of joy to my heart."

Brad Pitt used to strip in college

Brad Pitt used to be a stripper.

The Hollywood heartthrob - who now has four children with partner Angelina Jolie - was part of raunchy group the Dancing Bares during his time at the University of Missouri.

Thomas Whelihan, one of Brad's Sigma Chi fraternity brothers, said, "When a girl from one of our sister sororities turned 21, the Bares - there were seven of them - would put her in a chair and come out butt-naked with pillowcases on their heads and do a choreographed dance for her. The girls would be laughing so hard. It was great!"

Brad - who regularly plays pranks on his good pal George Clooney - was also famed for the practical jokes he used to play.

Another fraternity brother, Harry Lunt, recalled to In Touch Weekly magazine, "Once, during Spring Fling, Brad tanned the letters of the sorority house we were grouped with on his butt. He mooned the whole crowd. Everyone thought it was hysterical."

Angela Wells Wood, who dated the 'Fight Club' star during his senior year, says Brad was loved by everybody because of his fun personality.

She said, "He was really outgoing and popular, a really fun-loving person."

Voters won't see stripper law

A petition effort to ask voters to overturn new regulations involving sexually-oriented businesses like strip clubs has fallen short of requirements needed to put it on the November ballot, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has announced.

Petition circulators needed valid signatures from at least three percent of those who voted in the last gubernatorial election in 44 Ohio counties. At most, the Vote No on Issue 1 campaign, formerly known as Citizens for Community Standards, may have met the requirement in 31 counties.

Absent court intervention, Mrs. Brunner announced, the law will go into effect once the results are certified and the question will not appear on the November ballot.

Boulder School Counselor Admits Soliciting Prostitute

BOULDER, Colo. -- School district officials planned to meet this week to discuss the future of a counselor who pleaded guilty to soliciting a prostitute.

Casey Middle School counselor Dr. Michael Todd Barta, 46, pleaded guilty Friday to the misdemeanor charge. He is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 11.

Barta has been on paid leave since his arrest in June.

Police were tipped off by a woman -- who said she was a "professional escort" -- that a man paying her for sex told her that his "deepest, darkest secret would be to have sex with a 12-year-old girl," according to an arrest report. She said she recognized him as a counselor at her child's school.

Barta was arrested after an undercover police officer who answered his ad on Craig's List met him at the 29th Street Mall.

Police said the posting read, "Handsome, professional seeking stress-reliever for $$."

Barta has been a counselor at Casey since 2000.

Boulder Valley School District officials will decide what's next for Barta after reviewing his court record this week, spokesman Briggs Gamblin said.

Former Duke lacrosse coach sues school

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - The former Duke University men's lacrosse coach who resigned last year amid allegations that three of his players raped a stripper has sued the university.

Mike Pressler's lawsuit apparently stems from a financial settlement the school reached earlier this year with him, although school officials did not give details Friday. The players were later cleared of the charges.

The Herald-Sun of Durham reported Friday on its Web site that his lawsuit alleges the university broke the terms of the confidential settlement when university senior vice president John Burness made disparaging comments about him.

The newspaper reported that the lawsuit asks the state court to void the settlement and hold a trial on Pressler's claim of wrongful termination.

Duke's vice president and general counsel, Pamela Bernard, said the university was "disappointed that he is now trying to undo that agreement with an unfounded claim against Duke.

"We will address the matter through the legal process and insist on honoring our existing agreement."

Pressler did not return a call seeking comment Friday night, and his agent declined to comment.

Lacrosse players Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans were indicted last year on charges of rape, kidnapping and sexual offense, after a stripper told police she was raped at a March 2006 party thrown by the team.

The players were later cleared by state prosecutors, who concluded no crime occurred and found the trio to be the innocent victims of former Durham County prosecutor Mike Nifong.

Nifong was disbarred for his actions in the case. He resigned from office and spent a night in jail after a judge held him criminal contempt of court for his conduct during the case. Pressler now coaches at Division II Bryant in Rhode Island.

In June, the three players reached an undisclosed financial settlement with Duke. Last week, they filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Nifong, the city of Durham and the police detectives who handled the case, among others.

Teenager Will Be Tried as Adult in Prostitute's Rape, Murder and Disfigurement

EDINBURG, Texas (AP) - A 16-year-old boy will be tried as an adult in the rape, murder and disfigurement of a prostitute who was killed in February.

Adrian Eleazar Ramirez faces six counts of murder, including two capital murder counts, and a sexual assault charge in the death of 21-year-old Maria Benita Zuniga.

The county sheriff says multiple murder counts are related to each of the violent actions authorities believe contributed to Zuniga's death.

Investigators believe Ramirez was infatuated with Zuniga and became enraged after seeing her out with other men. She was robbed, raped and choked, and her face was disfigured by a sharp object.

The name of Ramirez's attorney could not immediately be determined. During his court appearance today, Ramirez seemed confused by the multiple murder counts.

Ramirez was in the Hidalgo County Jail tonight on a $350,000 bond.

Prostitute Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison

A prostitute who was found guilty in the slaying of a client was sentenced Thursday night to 12 years in prison.

Meredith Maze, who was on trial on a charge of murder but was found guilty on a lesser charge of manslaughter, admitted to shooting Yazdanpahah Sagvand, 50, in April 2005, saying it was self-defense.

According to trial testimony, the defendant and the victim argued over sex and drugs.

Maze will have to serve at least six years of her sentence before she's eligible for parole.

Stripper's injury compensation upheld

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- An Indiana appellate court says a stripper injured while pole-dancing was entitled to a previous workers compensation award.

The state Court of Appeals found that the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board had been correct when it awarded Angela Hobson $10,400 for a 2001 injury she suffered while twirling on a pole at Indianapolis' Shangri-La West, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette said Wednesday.

Hobson had filed a workers' compensation claim in 2003 after discovering she had a herniated disc in her cervical spine from her stripping performance.

The strip club, which did not have workers' compensation insurance when the injury occurred, had appealed the Compensation Board's ruling in an attempt to avoid the compensation award.

The newspaper said not only did the strip club lose its appeal, but the state court tack on 5 percent under a mandatory state law regarding such appeals.

Volunteer coach convicted in overdose of teen stripper

MELVINDALE -- A volunteer high school coach convicted today of providing a fatal overdose to a teenage stripper could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

A Wayne County jury found Deleon Alexander II, 28, of Lincoln Park guilty of delivery of a controlled substance causing the death of 17-year-old Stephanie Brown and delivery of a controlled substance.

Alexander supplied Brown, a student at Wyandotte High School, with cocaine and Ecstasy on March 16 at the Moonlight Motel in Melvindale. Shortly after she collapsed and died.

"We are grateful for the verdict because it's unbelievable what happened," said Melvindale Police Chief Rick Cadez. "What the parents of this girl suffered through can never be repaired."

Alexander is the first person tried and convicted of delivering a controlled substance causing death since the law was enacted last year.

"I hope this sends a loud and clear message that these are serious criminal consequences when you supply dangerous drugs and contribute to an overdose death," said Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

Alexander will be sentenced on Oct. 25 by Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Ulysses Boykin.

Police: Woman in hooker scam called victims 'losers'

A woman charged with luring sex-seeking men into her apartment and then robbing them, called her victims "losers" who "deserve to have their money taken," police said.

Judiann Madera, 34, of North Andover, told police she went to the public library and posted an advertisement on the Web site offering sex for money.

She said she didn't have sex with anybody; rather, she and her boyfriend robbed the men when they showed up at her apartment, according to a report written by Officer Jay Staude.

Madera confessed to police during a recorded interview that she and her boyfriend, whom police also arrested, came up with the idea after watching a news report "about craigslist and prostitution," Staude wrote in his report.

"We came up with this idea where we would do the same thing, but rather than go through with the physical act or sexual act, that we would just take the money," Madera told Staude and Inspector Eugene Salois, according to a summary of the confession.

"We just figured they're ... losers anyway ... they deserve to have their money taken, because, not that they deserve it, I know that it's wrong, but if you're stupid enough to pay somebody, then you're stupid enough to get your money taken," police quoted her as saying.

Madera was in Lawrence District Court Tuesday facing charges of sexual conduct for a fee, deriving support from prostitution, attempting to commit a crime (unarmed robbery) and conspiracy. Police arrested her after an undercover operation last Monday.

J.J. Huggins writes for The Eagle-Tribune in North Andover, Mass.

Stripper accused of borrowing movie plot

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - In the 1994 movie "The Last Seduction," a femme fatale coaxes her lover into killing her husband for money. Prosecutors say a beautiful stripper obsessed with the film followed the script to its murderous end.

Mechele Linehan, 34, is on trial on charges she masterminded the decade-old slaying of her fiance in hopes of collecting $1 million in insurance.

Life and art were so similar, prosecutors say, that they even sought, unsuccessfully, to have the movie shown to the jury.

It's a case of sex, greed and manipulation that has transfixed the Pacific Northwest, from Alaska to Washington state, where Linehan had made a new life for herself as a college graduate, doctor's wife and suburban soccer mom before cold-case investigators came calling.

Linehan — then known as Mechele Hughes — was one of the top girls at a strip club called the Great Alaska Bush Co. in 1996. A former co-worker said she was so sexy, she didn't have to dance to earn big tips; men would pay just to talk to her.

Prosecutors say that is where the blonde borrowed the plot of "The Last Seduction" and had her fiance, 36-year-old fisherman Kent Leppink, killed.

"If it was not for Mechele Linehan, Kent Leppink would be alive today because she set the stage and at least wrote the ending," prosecutor Pat Gullufsen told the jury in his opening statement. "All she needed was someone to do the dirty work ... someone to pull the trigger."

That person, the prosecutor said, was John Carlin III, another fiance of Linehan's. Carlin was convicted in April of murdering Leppink.

Leppink's body was found by utility workers on the ground near a lonely trail in Hope, more than an hour's drive from Anchorage. He had been shot three times with a .44 Magnum. Prosecutors say Linehan and Carlin had lured him to the desolate mining community by fabricating a series of e-mails that Leppink found, saying Linehan was holed up in a cabin. The cabin didn't exist.

According to prosecutors, Linehan wanted the proceeds from Leppink's life insurance policy. But what she didn't know was that Leppink suspected evil afoot and changed the beneficiary to his parents days before he was murdered.

And in yet another film-noir twist, he sent a letter to his parents to be opened if something "fishy" happened to him. "Since you're reading this, you assume that I'm dead," he wrote, and then named Linehan, Carlin and another man who hoped to marry Linehan as possible suspects.

"Make sure she is prosecuted," he wrote.

Still, prosecutors did not have the evidence to make an arrest at the time. Linehan left stripping, and over the next decade she married a doctor, graduated from Saint Martin's University with a degree in psychology, had a daughter, and worked for a time as an administrative assistant at the Washington State Executive Ethics Board, which guards against ethical misconduct by state employees. She was living in Olympia, Wash., when she was arrested.

The Alaska State Troopers cold-case unit caught a break in 2005 when they interviewed Carlin's son, who was underage in 1996 and wasn't allowed by his father to be interviewed. As an adult, he gave investigators enough damning testimony to bring charges against his father and Linehan last year.

He told them that he saw his father using bleach to wash out a handgun in a bathroom sink and that Linehan watched.

At the trial, which is likely to end next week, Linehan's blond hair is now glossy black, offset by porcelain skin and striking blue eyes. She has complained to photographers that her smiles look like smirks in their pictures.

"The Last Seduction" is a modern-day film noir in which a ruthless beauty — played by the sultry, raven-haired actress Linda Fiorentino — uses her sexual wiles to manipulate others.

A former stripper, Lora Aspiotis, testified that she watched the movie with Linehan and that Linehan admired the tough-talking Fiorentino character.

"She told me that the character was her heroine and that she wanted to be just like her," Aspiotis said.

("Isn't it unbelievable? I'm a little shaken up by it," Fiorentino recently told the New York Post.)

Gullufsen, the prosecutor, said: "The seed is planted. There is someone she admires, wants to be like and the wheels start turning; she can apply that plan to her circumstances."

In the movie, the femme fatale gets away with murder, while her boyfriend gets convicted. Gullufsen said Linehan tried to write the same ending for herself, and he asked that the jury be allowed to watch the movie.

But Judge Philip Volland said he didn't see enough similarities between the movie and the real-life murder, noting, for example, that there was no evidence that Linehan had sex with Leppink. The judge also said the movie could be too disturbing to the jurors.

Linehan's lawyers maintain Carlin acted alone. They say he killed Leppink because he believed Leppink was stalking Linehan and because he was depressed that she loved a third man.

But another tawdry motive in the sensational trial also has been suggested: One defense attorney said the evidence will show that Leppink was bisexual or homosexual and had made advances toward Carlin's 16-year-old son.

Pole dancing classes for seven-year-olds creates fury Down Under

Melbourne, Oct 8 (ANI): Family groups in Australia have expressed disgust over pole-dancing classes started for kids as young as seven.

The classes in Sydney impart pole-dancing classes as strengthening and flexibility workouts for teens and pre-teens.

Critics have slammed the move and called them as "sexualising young children" and risking exploitation by paedophiles.

The Australian Family Association criticised the classes, stating that they are inapt.

"There are plenty of exercise tools out there. Why choose a pole, the classic phallic symbol of the pornographic world," spokeswoman Angela Conway said.

"By putting children in a pole dancing exercise class you're teaching children a sexual body language that they don't know the meaning of but adults do," she said.

Kids who have started taking up classes have defended the dance form, calling it an exercise.

"It's really fun and you get to learn a lot of different moves. People think it's pole dancing but it's not. It's great exercise," quoted 11-year-old Angela, Perry as saying

The girl's mum Julie said that pole dancing is being used as healthy exercise.

"It's not slutty or anything. I've seen pole dancing on TV and they don't do anything like that here. It's building up her strength after she got ill and it doesn't put too much pressure on her muscles. She's much stronger, healthier and more confident," she added.

Australian Federation of Parents and Citizens' Association head Sharryn Brownlee said that parents have to be careful about what they are making their kids do since the dance form has a bad reputation.

"Normally the P and C supports any sort of fitness regimen to help kids get healthy but with the reputation of this industry, parents need to be very careful," she said. (ANI)


Prostituted by Her Father From Ages 5 to 16, Crystal Is Now off the Streets

Most of the 14 young people currently living and attending school at Children of the Night, a nonprofit that helps child prostitutes get off the streets, were initially abused by their parents or caregivers.

Crystal, a 17-year-old from Phoenix, told that she had been sold for sex by her parents from the age of 5.

"I still remember the first time," she said. "I was 5 years old and my dad told me to wait in a special little room. I waited and this guy came. My dad told me to 'do to him what you do to me' and told the trick I was a virgin. I still dream about it all the time."

By the time Crystal was 9, her father would not allow her to attend school and prostituted her to men "almost every day."

She said, "He would beat me, tell me, 'you better go ho,'" slang for working the streets.

She said her father demanded she earn $700 a week, charging $80 for intercourse, $40 to 60 for oral sex and $120 for anal sex.

When Crystal was 10, her mother, a prostitute, died of AIDS and Crystal ran away from home. She was routinely picked up by the police and Child Protective Services who would return her to her father.

In and out of shelters and juvenile detention centers and working the streets for other pimps, Crystal epitomizes the plight of many child prostitutes.

"I'd try to get myself arrested just to get off the streets. … I kept hearing people say if you need help, tell somebody. But when I talked, my parole officer would tell me not to because the cops would use the information in court against me."

She arrived at Children of the Night earlier this year, one day before her 17th birthday.

"I want to see my father in prison. Children of the Night is working on talking to the FBI. I can't think about it too much. I just want to move on."

Today, Crystal said, she's "going to school for the first time in a long time" and working on her GED. She wants to go to college.

Prostitute arrested from medical college, 3 students suspended

Three students of S.N. Medical College, Agra have been banned from attending classes and staying in hostel till further orders from Proctorial Board.

The action was taken on the recommendation of a committee constituted after a call girl was arrested from the college. The Principal has issued certain guidelines to check such illegal activities in the college.

The academic circuit was shaken by the incident where a prostitute was arrested from the senior boys hostel about a week ago. The College administration constituted a committee and recommendation were forwarded to the Principal of College who took decision to suspend three medical college students of 2001, 2002 and 2004 batch till further orders by Proctoral Board.
"These three are suspended from attending classes and staying at hostel till further orders," Principal Dr N.C. Prajapati told the Hindustan Times.


South Bay stripper shames city hall

SOUTH BAY — It must be a girl. Because the faces in South Bay sure are pink.

A recently surfaced video shows women partying in the South Bay City Hall with a male stripper.

But officials who agreed to let the women have their little shindig said they were told the party was a baby shower.

"This is a major embarrassment to our city and our citizens," Mayor Clarence Anthony said. "It's unfortunate. We were trying to accommodate a baby shower - that's what it was."

Anthony said the recreation department double-booked the community center last Saturday night and the baby shower guests were going to be put out until city officials relented and let them have their soiree in city hall.

Anthony said it was an unprecedented decision - based on the fact they were told it was a baby shower.

"This will not happen again," Anthony said. "The image of our city is being tainted with the actions of the people who rented the facility."

The video was leaked to a television station, which aired a blurry image of a scantily clad male dancer on its 11 p.m. newscast.

Anthony said he's received hundreds of phone calls and e-mails.

"We are truly embarrassed," he said. "Did I already say that?"


US TV show exposes Durie's stripper past

Americans got a look at more than Jamie Durie's green thumb when TV gossip show Entertainment Tonight aired raunchy footage of his former career as a stripper.

In Australia it's no secret Durie was one of the stars of beefcake troupe, ManPower, but in the US it's not so well known.

Americans know Durie as Oprah Winfrey's gardening guy and the new host of the PBS gardening show, The Victory Garden.

"Oprah Winfrey introduced him to the world, now we show you what he was doing before he met Lady O," ET host Mary Hart told millions of American viewers.

ET unearthed interviews it did with a long-haired Durie in the mid-1990s when he was performing with ManPower in the US.

Footage of Durie, dancing on stage in skimpy white underpants, accompanied the story.

"Oh yeah, he may expose garden tips today, but we knew the Australian hunk way back when ... back when he was exposing his tanned and ripped bod as exotic dancer with a group of Aussies called ManPower," Hart said.

Winfrey gave Durie the ultimate US launching pad last year when she introduced the 37-year-old to her audience.

There was no mention of his ManPower days on Winfrey's show and in a recent interview with a Boston newspaper to promote The Victory Garden, Durie managed to tiptoe around it.

"I was in cabaret as a dancer," Durie, responding to a question about his former "show business" career, said.


Mother snorts coke off of 2-month old son

Authorities in New York say a woman arrested for prostitution early Monday morning also snorted cocaine off the stomach of her infant son while breast-feeding him between tricks.

Wendy Cook, a 37-year-old from Saratoga Springs, N.Y., was one of five women caught early Monday morning in Schenectady, N.Y., in an undercover sex sting operation.

While the other charges were described as "routine" misdemeanor prostitution, Schenectady police also booked Cook for five counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of first degree reckless endangerment, a felony.

Cook was picked up early Monday morning after offering to perform sex acts on an undercover police officer, department spokesman Brian Kilcullen told ABC News.

Through interviews with others who had interacted with Cook near the time of her arrest, Kilcullen said investigators determined that she had performed oral sex on a pair of customers while her two children, an 8-week-old son and a 5-year-old daughter, were awake in the back seat of her car.

Authorities also allege that Cook used drugs in the car with the children, including smoking crack cocaine and using her son as a tool to ingest cocaine.

"We learned throughout our investigation that while breast-feeding, she snorted cocaine off the stomach of the infant," Kilcullen said.

The children were taken into protective custody by the state's Office of Children and Family Services and were released to family members, Kilcullen said.

Kilcullen called the charges some of the most despicable he's seen in 13 years on the force. "Too frequently, we'll get incidents where children are left alone while parents buy crack," he said, "but nothing as shocking as this."

At a court hearing Tuesday, New York City Court Judge Vince Versaci told Cook, "I have never come across such an atrocity in my life, and that's saying a lot," according to the Albany Times Union.

Versaci set Cook's bail at $15,000 after the woman signed an order that forbidded her from having contact with her two children, the Times Union reported.

Former stripper sells comedy pitch

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Universal has snapped up "Girly Style," a pitch from a scribe who could claim to be the only writer in town to have started out as a stripper.

While the studio is keeping the plot details under wraps, it is understood that "Girly" is a female-driven comedy set at a college.

It comes from Diablo Cody, whose comedic memoir, "Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper," was published by Gotham in December.

Cody sold "Juno," her first screenplay, to Mandate Pictures in 2005. That film, starring Ellen Page as a pregnant teen, was the runner-up for the Audience Award at the recent Toronto International Film Festival and is generating awards buzz in advance of its December 14 release.

from: reuters / hollywood reporter

Hollywood film 'inspired stripper's murder plot'

A stripper who manipulated a lover into murdering her fiancé was simply following the plot of a Hollywood thriller with which she was fixated, a court has heard.

Prosecutors in the trial of Mechele Linehan in Anchorage, Alaska, say The Last Seduction and its scheming leading lady are so crucial to their case that they want the jury to watch the entire film.

The critically acclaimed 1994 film starred Linda Fiorentino as a hard-bitten New Yorker who flees to a small town after stealing her drug-dealing husband's money.

She finds a naive boyfriend and persuades him to try to murder her husband after she lies about being assaulted by him. She later frames him for the crime while she gets away with the loot.

John Carlin was convicted in April of killing Kent Leppink, a fisherman to whom Linehan was engaged, in 1996.

Prosecutors say Linehan, who denies murdering Mr Leppink, masterminded the killing and then persuaded Carlin, a former Marine, to "do the dirty work".

Linehan, 34, wanted to benefit from Leppink's life insurance policy which was worth £500,000. She was unaware he had secretly removed her as beneficiary five days before he was shot dead, the court heard.

Lora Aspiotis, a friend of Linehan and fellow stripper at the Great Alaskan Bush Company club, told jurors that they went to see The Last Seduction together a few months before Leppink's death.

Linehan was deeply impressed by Fiorentino's tough-talking character, said Miss Aspiotis.

"She told me that the character was her heroine and that she wanted to be just like her," she told the court.

Pat Gullufsen, prosecuting, said: "The seed is planted. There is someone she admires, wants to be like and the wheels start turning — she can apply that plan to her circumstances."

Linehan, whose lawyers say Carlin acted alone, wants the ending of the film to match the ending of her trial, too, Mr Gullufsen added.

"The ending, in her plan, is the boyfriend is the one convicted and she walks free," he said.

Kevin Fitzgerald, defending, admitted he had been "a little too preoccupied to sit down with a bowl of popcorn and view that movie". But he claimed the film might prejudice and confuse the jury.

Judge Philip Volland said he had not seen the film either and would watch it before deciding whether to show it to the jury.

Linehan, now married to a doctor and bearing more than a passing resemblance to Miss Fiorentino, denies murder.

Scott Hilke, another former fiancé of Linehan, told the trial that she had told him many disparaging things about Leppink shortly before he was killed. Prosecutors said she was lying.

Miss Fiorentino, whose Oscar nomination for the film was discounted on a technicality, said she was "horrified" that her film had been "dragged into a gruesome murder trial".

She told the New York Post: "Isn't it unbelievable? I'm a little shaken up by it."


Probe ordered into school stripping incident

New Delhi, Sep 30 (IANS) Stunned by the stripping of a seven-year-old student by her schoolteacher for failing to do her homework, Delhi's Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit Sunday ordered an enquiry into the incident.

A 19-year-old teacher forced Rakhi, an upper kindergarten student at the private Star Shine Public School in Uttam Nagar in west Delhi, to strip in front of her class when she said that she had not done her homework.

The matter came to light when Rakhi refused to go to school the next day, Saturday. After gentle prodding by her mother, she narrated her horror tale.

'I was asked to strip in front of the entire class and then stand on the desk. My hands were tied behind with a rope... All my classmates kept mocking me throughout the day,' said a shocked Rakhi.

The teacher, identified only as Neha, was arrested after the victim's father Gopal Das, who runs a catering business, reported the matter to the police. The teacher has been released on bail.

'The teacher is just 19 years old and is not even well qualified. How can she teach our children? And to top it all, this is how she treats the kids... When I went to the school after the incident, I could find no one to talk to,' said her father.

Reacting to the callous incident, Dikshit has asked the education secretary to file a report.

The central ministry of women and child development (MWCD) has threatened to cancel the school's licence.

While the school principal remains incommunicado, there has been strong reaction from all quarters.

According to Bharati Sharma, chairperson of the Child Development Committee, such a case demands a non-bailable warrant because it shakes the belief and trust that a student has for his or her teacher.

'Such incidents are a black mark on the entire education system. A student looks up to his teacher, trusts him implicitly. An incident such as this not only shakes the belief of a student on his teacher but paints the entire teacher community in a poor light,' said Barkha Misra, a teacher of east Delhi.


Prostitute raped at knife point

GARDEN GROVE A prostitute raped at knife point managed to escape her attacker and then ran across the street naked on Saturday night, said Garden Grove Police Sgt. Ed Leiva said today.

The victim and the suspect met in Santa Ana, where they agreed to have sex, Leiva said. The pair drove to the rear of a business between Harbor Boulevard and Westminster Avenue in Garden Grove when the man pulled out a knife and raped the victim, Leiva said.

The woman then ran across the street naked when she was stopped by the Garden Grove police, he said.

The suspect was last seen in a brown, two-door Chevy truck.


Transsexual MP offered granny role in film of life

Former prostitute, drag queen, mayor, MP and man, Georgina Beyer has been a person of many parts - but the prospect of playing her own grandmother in a film of her life proved one role too far.

Beyer, famous as the world's first transsexual member of Parliament, says she was offered a cameo in the forthcoming biopic, provisionally titled Girl, but turned it down.

"I overlooked the age issue," said Beyer. "But I said 'no thank you'. I loved her very much, but she died when I was 9. And I've got to divorce myself from the creative process."

The film, due to go into production next year, is being made by Australian company Lone Hand, produced by New Zealander Roger Simpson. The script was written by Simpson's partner Sally Irwin.

"It starts with my experience of being pack-raped in Sydney in the 1970s," Beyer said. "It's a pretty sensational beginning."

The former MP, who left Parliament earlier this year, said the film had been planned for three or four years and she had offered her input on an earlier draft of the script.

"I told them, what we need is really personal stuff which the public is not used to seeing. They took that on board. But I'm no bloody writer!"

Asked if she had considered who might portray her on screen, Beyer said she thought someone like cabaret performer Mika might do a good job.

"It could be a man and a woman... you might have a couple of genders.

"I have a preference for somebody who is a New Zealander, they may have an understanding of those elements of New Zealand society in the chunk of my life they are covering in the film."

Beyer revealed she had previously been approached by a number of cable networks in the United States wanting to make a movie of her life.

But she said she had no desire to see herself portrayed by someone with a half-formed accent "like Meryl Streep playing Lindy Chamberlain.

"This is an absolutely New Zealand story and the bloody Aussies are going to make it," she joked. "I want it to be a transtasman thing. I hope it is a true co-production."

Beyer said the script was partly based on her autobiography A Change for the Better.

Asked if it was difficult revisiting episodes in her life, such as her experience of prostitution, drug use and rape and her gender transformation she replied: "I'm over it. It doesn't trouble me in the psychological sense. Except that I get very angry whenever I hear about cases of rape or abuse."

Since competing in Dancing with the Stars, leaving Parliament, declining to run for the Wellington mayoralty and famously pulling out of a stage play at the 11th hour, Beyer has been searching for a role to suit her talents and varied experience.

Just before speaking to the Herald on Sunday she had been turned down for a high-profile human rights job. "Post- Parliament you are box-office poison for a while," she said.

"Maybe I should become a madam."

She is now looking forward to the cameras rolling on Girl and says that she will be available to the actor (or actors) charged with bringing her to life on screen.

She admitsthat she is excited by the project.

"I hope it will make New Zealand feel proud of me," she said.

"We made history together."

Inmate confessed to prostitute slayings, lawyer claims

The lawyer for a Salem County handyman under scrutiny in the murders of four Atlantic City prostitutes said yesterday he has given authorities taped conversations in which another man confesses to the killings.

The lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr., said the man contacted him by phone last week from the Atlantic County Jail, where he was being held on an unrelated charge, and admitted strangling the women last November.

The man provided more information in taped follow-up conversations, saying he had sex with the women before killing them, Leonard said. The man sounded remorseful, even suicidal, telling Leonard he had tried to take his own life several times in the wake of the murders, the lawyer said.

"He indicated that he did not want to see an innocent man go to jail and that he basically wanted to get this off his chest," Leonard said. "He indicated he wanted to 'do the right thing.'"

Leonard -- who contends the recordings will clear his client, Terry Oleson, of suspicion in the case -- said he provided copies of the tapes to the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office about 10 days ago. The Star-Ledger is withholding the name of the man who called Leonard because he has not been charged in the killings.

First Assistant Prosecutor Murray Talasnik declined to confirm yesterday whether his office had received the tapes, saying only that investigators follow every lead they receive in the hunt for a killer.

"This continues to be an ongoing, open and active investigation, and at this point, there is no credible evidence that would warrant bringing a criminal charge today," Talasnik said.

The prosecutor said his office, as a rule, does not comment on suspects or confessions, noting in general that not all turn out to be true. He cited as one example the case of John Mark Karr, who made headlines around the world last year when he issued a bogus confession in the 1996 murder of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey.

Leonard said he found the man's account credible, though ultimately, he said, "It's law enforcement's job to determine that."

"Do people come out of the woodwork and confess to things?" Leonard asked. "Yes, they do. But I don't think there are many people who would interject themselves in a quadruple homicide just for the hell of it."

He said the man "seemed obviously troubled by what he had done" and apparently attempted suicide again in recent days.

The man, a 45-year-old South Jersey native, was transferred from the Atlantic County Jail to another institution Thursday for an unspecified "evaluation," said the jail's warden, Gary Merline.

"It's a medical-related thing, and I really can't get into it," Merline said. He said he was unaware of any confession.

The man is known to investigators in the case. A petty criminal with a long record that includes convictions for theft by deception, forgery and shoplifting, he was interviewed extensively shortly after the killings because he knew at least two of the victims. At the time, he denied any involvement.

"I partied with a couple of these girls," he told The Press of Atlantic City last year. "I know I didn't kill nobody and didn't hurt nobody."

The bodies of the women -- Kim Raffo, 35, Tracy Ann Roberts, 23, Barbara Breidor, 42, and Molly Jean Dilts, 20 -- were discovered Nov. 20 just over the Atlantic City line, in Egg Harbor Township. Their barefoot bodies lay about 320 feet apart behind a low-rent motel.

Oleson, Leonard's client, lived in the motel at the time, leading investigators to look more closely at him. In April, authorities questioned him, impounded his car and searched his home in rural Alloway Township.

It was during the search that authorities found evidence he had allegedly videotaped a 15-year-old girl in the nude two years earlier. Charged with invasion of privacy, he has been held in the Salem County Jail since then in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Leonard, who contends the bail figure is disproportionately high because of the Atlantic County murder case, said he now expects Oleson will have his bail reduced either before or during his next court appearance Oct. 12.

Prostitute faces charges over daughter

A south Auckland prostitute who marketed her 16-year-old daughter for sex will be charged under the Prostitution Reform Act.

And her daughter has been referred to police Youth Aid after falsely claiming she had been raped by a man when a sexual transaction soured at Mountford Park about 1.30am on Thursday.

Police swarmed a central Manukau carpark yesterday looking to arrest the man after the mother called to say she recognised him. But when police interviewed the man, he denied raping the teenager and the girl's story turned out to be false.

Detective Sergeant Steve Brewer said the man told police that he gave the woman a cannabis "tinnie" for the services of her daughter because he did not have enough money.

The man arranged to pay the daughter with cannabis tinnies and a $20 note and an argument occurred over the amount being given following the act. The man left the girl and drove away.

Mr Brewer said that when police questioned the girl again, she admitted lying about being raped.


Her mother was to face a charge in relation to allegedly profiting from a commercial sex worker under the age of 18.

Police were not charging the man for cannabis offences as he did not have any on him when they spoke to him.

Prostitute's john reports rip-off

DAYTON — Sept. 24: A complainant reported he left a club on North Main Street, looking for a prostitute.

He found one. They went to a vacant apartment complex on Delaware Avenue. Several females were there.

He told police he must have passed out because when he awoke, his vehicle keys and vehicle, three credit cards, a bank card, a cell phone and a watch were gone. He said he may have been drugged.

His vehicle was recovered on West Hudson Avenue.

Hunt follows rape of teen prostitute

A 16-year-old prostitute was raped by a client after a "transaction" negotiated by her mother turned sour in South Auckland.

A member of the public found the girl semi-conscious in Mountford Park, Manurewa, about 1.30am yesterday after she had been raped and kicked in the head.

The rapist had picked her up earlier from Northcrest Way, where she and her mother had been working, said Detective Sergeant Steve Brewer.

"The mother asked the daughter to take the trick. She left in the car with him [but] became concerned ... and decided that she wouldn't proceed with the sexual transaction.

"He didn't take well to her pulling out and he's forced her to have sex. He's raped her in the car and kicked her in the head as she's got out of the car."

Child, Youth and Family had been told about the girl and her mother, Mr Brewer said.

Police are hunting a solidly built European male in his early 20s with dark-blond hair and a moustache.

He wore a white hooded sweatshirt with "echo" and a black T-shirt and drove a black Honda Civic with a registration that began with letters similar to DPQ.

Former Stripper Sues Packers' Harris Over 2005 Encounter In Club

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- A former stripper has sued Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris, claiming he sexually assaulted her in a strip club in 2005.

Harris' agent said the allegations are unfounded.

"I guess everybody has the right to sue, but in this case it just seems like extortion," agent Jack Bechta said. "This was something that the city and state had investigated very thoroughly, and they found nothing worth a charge."

Investigators determined that Harris and the woman had sexual contact in a private room at the Cheetah Pompano Beach in April 2005. But, citing inconsistent evidence and conflicting witness statements, Broward County prosecutors decided not to pursue charges against Harris.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Broward County Circuit Court, claims surveillance cameras in the club's private room were not functioning during the incident. The club is also named as a defendant.

The woman, who is not named in the lawsuit, is seeking unspecified damages, said her attorney, Joseph Nusbaum.

"She has suffered physical and emotional damages," Nusbaum said Thursday.

Harris, 32, is a 10-year NFL veteran with a starting role in the Packers defense. He did not participate in team practice Wednesday, said team spokesman Sam Kasan, who declined comment on the lawsuit.

OSU's third-team QB Henton charged with soliciting a prostitute

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Ohio State's third-team quarterback Antonio Henton was arrested on charges of soliciting a prostitute.

The 20-year-old Henton entered a not guilty plea Tuesday in Franklin County Municipal Court to the misdemeanor charge. Lara Baker, chief prosecutor in the city's attorney's office, said the penalty carries a maximum six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, but generally results in a small fine.

Henton, a redshirt freshman, was arrested by Columbus police Monday night near campus.

Ohio State said in a statement that Henton will not travel to Minnesota for Saturday's game.

"It's a great disappointment for our Buckeye football family, and we are very concerned for Antonio," coach Jim Tressel said in the statement. "Antonio is keenly aware of the standard we have for ourselves, and that makes this even more disappointing."

Creating More "Hooker Free Zones"

The problem is, Huntington officers posing as prostitutes and johns are out of new disguises and they're too well known to keep sting operations working.

So chief Holbrook says we can bust hookers before the transaction, for prostitution loitering.

When she's not tending to her parrots on the porch, Ana Gaston is out stenciling hooker free zone on her sixth avenue sidewalk, and taking requests for more stencils from neighbors fed up with a seemingly endless parade of streetwalkers.

Ana Gaston says my roommate was assaulted down on the sparks more violence, it's a criminal step.

On Chief Holbrook’s suggestion, Huntington city attorney Scott McClure researched and wrote an ordinance amendment that lets police make an arrest by simply observing someone who repeatedly beckons to, engages, hails, and waves arms or other body parts - to solicit sex.

Scott McClure says add up all of the above and it shows someone is a prostitute, or is soliciting prostitution.

Randy points out that in a thick stack of Huntington police reports from over the weekend, not one prostitution arrest, but the folks we talked to on the street, say they saw plenty of prostitution, all weekend long.

Chief Holbrook, the city attorney, Ana Gaston, they all believe the new hooker loitering law will spark more arrests and create more hooker free zones.

Ana Gaston says it will help clean up the streets and all the problems in Huntington that go with it

The law talks about selling sex for money.

We're told some city council members want to expand the law to define prostitution as sex for money or drugs.

The city attorney says he gets a little worried about constitutionality, the ordinance will stick with sex for money as the definition.

A first time prostitution arrest is a misdemeanor.

The penalty, up to a 100 dollar fine, or up to 30 days in jail, or both.