College students sold on stripper poles

Summer is fast coming to end, and it's the time of year when our nation's youth begin heading back to college with a packing list that most likely includes the usual items — laptops, iPods, backpacks.

Now one company wants our best and brightest to bring one more thing back to school: A portable stripper pole.

Long standard equipment at naughty nightspots across the country, stripper poles lately have become somewhat of celebrity fitness fad, with the likes of Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra installing them in their Hollywood homes.

Now a Fresno, Calif.-based company called Lil' Mynx is marketing their line of adult entertainment accessories to college students for installation in their dorm rooms and frat houses.

They claim business is booming for the poles, which sell for $299 each.

What's more, company founder Randy Blacker says that his stripper poles aren't just for kinky coeds. "We've sold [them] to quite a few guys that use it for triatholon training because it's a good core-body strength builder," he told MSNBC this week.

Those must be the same guys who read Playboy for the articles.

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