Deputies: Dancer broke into training building

ORANGE - It was a 22-year-old intoxicated dancer, not a black-clad burglar, who deputies found on the roof of the Sheriff's Department Katella Avenue training facility when they were called in Friday morning to deal with a burglar alarm. And she refused to come down – until firefighters arrived.

Sheriff's deputies said they didn't know exactly how Nyomi Priscilla Fernandez got up on the roof of the two-story building about 4 a.m. – but she did.

And they didn't know exactly how she broke into the training facility and dropped in for a visit – but she did, destroying an air-conditioning unit and a security camera along the way, said Sheriff's Department spokesman Jim Amormino.

And when firefighters and deputies finally got Fernandez off the roof, she filled them in.

She had been drinking at a local bar, Amormino said, and when she had a few too many, she went looking for a police officer to help her. Fernandez showed up at the training center at 1900 W. Katella Ave., and thinking it was a police station, tried to find an officer to help her, Amormino said.

She worked her way around the building, rattling the doors trying to get inside, Amormino said. And when that didn't stop her, she headed for the roof, broke in and wandered around the building, Amormino said. The break-in triggered a silent alarm.

But finding no one inside, Fernandez climbed back out on the roof – and that's where deputies found her, standing on the roof and refusing to come down.

"I really thought I had seen everything by now," Amormino said. "But I never expected to see this."

Fernandez was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism and trespassing and is being held at the Central Women's Jail.