Political Stripper

It has been revealed that a respected female town councillor in Bideford, Devon, has a rather unorthodox sideline - in her spare time she works as a stripper and sex chat line operator.

According to The Sun, Myrna Bushell, 38, has no plans to quit local politics or her steamy sidelines after hitting the headlines when three of her colleagues quit the council after learning of her alternative career.

Myrna is better known among certain sectors of the West Country as Jessica, The Devon Lady Kissogram, Strippogram & Stripper Entertainer.

"My kissogram acts are tasteful," she says. "I put shaving foam on my cleavage and rub my boobs in their face. Yes, I do take off all my clothes but it's only for a couple of minutes. Anyway, there is so much shaving foam that they can't see everything anyway."

She said her only bad experience was when a partygoer threw up all over her when he got a mouthful of foam.