Prostitute raped at knife point

GARDEN GROVE A prostitute raped at knife point managed to escape her attacker and then ran across the street naked on Saturday night, said Garden Grove Police Sgt. Ed Leiva said today.

The victim and the suspect met in Santa Ana, where they agreed to have sex, Leiva said. The pair drove to the rear of a business between Harbor Boulevard and Westminster Avenue in Garden Grove when the man pulled out a knife and raped the victim, Leiva said.

The woman then ran across the street naked when she was stopped by the Garden Grove police, he said.

The suspect was last seen in a brown, two-door Chevy truck.


Transsexual MP offered granny role in film of life

Former prostitute, drag queen, mayor, MP and man, Georgina Beyer has been a person of many parts - but the prospect of playing her own grandmother in a film of her life proved one role too far.

Beyer, famous as the world's first transsexual member of Parliament, says she was offered a cameo in the forthcoming biopic, provisionally titled Girl, but turned it down.

"I overlooked the age issue," said Beyer. "But I said 'no thank you'. I loved her very much, but she died when I was 9. And I've got to divorce myself from the creative process."

The film, due to go into production next year, is being made by Australian company Lone Hand, produced by New Zealander Roger Simpson. The script was written by Simpson's partner Sally Irwin.

"It starts with my experience of being pack-raped in Sydney in the 1970s," Beyer said. "It's a pretty sensational beginning."

The former MP, who left Parliament earlier this year, said the film had been planned for three or four years and she had offered her input on an earlier draft of the script.

"I told them, what we need is really personal stuff which the public is not used to seeing. They took that on board. But I'm no bloody writer!"

Asked if she had considered who might portray her on screen, Beyer said she thought someone like cabaret performer Mika might do a good job.

"It could be a man and a woman... you might have a couple of genders.

"I have a preference for somebody who is a New Zealander, they may have an understanding of those elements of New Zealand society in the chunk of my life they are covering in the film."

Beyer revealed she had previously been approached by a number of cable networks in the United States wanting to make a movie of her life.

But she said she had no desire to see herself portrayed by someone with a half-formed accent "like Meryl Streep playing Lindy Chamberlain.

"This is an absolutely New Zealand story and the bloody Aussies are going to make it," she joked. "I want it to be a transtasman thing. I hope it is a true co-production."

Beyer said the script was partly based on her autobiography A Change for the Better.

Asked if it was difficult revisiting episodes in her life, such as her experience of prostitution, drug use and rape and her gender transformation she replied: "I'm over it. It doesn't trouble me in the psychological sense. Except that I get very angry whenever I hear about cases of rape or abuse."

Since competing in Dancing with the Stars, leaving Parliament, declining to run for the Wellington mayoralty and famously pulling out of a stage play at the 11th hour, Beyer has been searching for a role to suit her talents and varied experience.

Just before speaking to the Herald on Sunday she had been turned down for a high-profile human rights job. "Post- Parliament you are box-office poison for a while," she said.

"Maybe I should become a madam."

She is now looking forward to the cameras rolling on Girl and says that she will be available to the actor (or actors) charged with bringing her to life on screen.

She admitsthat she is excited by the project.

"I hope it will make New Zealand feel proud of me," she said.

"We made history together."

Inmate confessed to prostitute slayings, lawyer claims

The lawyer for a Salem County handyman under scrutiny in the murders of four Atlantic City prostitutes said yesterday he has given authorities taped conversations in which another man confesses to the killings.

The lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr., said the man contacted him by phone last week from the Atlantic County Jail, where he was being held on an unrelated charge, and admitted strangling the women last November.

The man provided more information in taped follow-up conversations, saying he had sex with the women before killing them, Leonard said. The man sounded remorseful, even suicidal, telling Leonard he had tried to take his own life several times in the wake of the murders, the lawyer said.

"He indicated that he did not want to see an innocent man go to jail and that he basically wanted to get this off his chest," Leonard said. "He indicated he wanted to 'do the right thing.'"

Leonard -- who contends the recordings will clear his client, Terry Oleson, of suspicion in the case -- said he provided copies of the tapes to the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office about 10 days ago. The Star-Ledger is withholding the name of the man who called Leonard because he has not been charged in the killings.

First Assistant Prosecutor Murray Talasnik declined to confirm yesterday whether his office had received the tapes, saying only that investigators follow every lead they receive in the hunt for a killer.

"This continues to be an ongoing, open and active investigation, and at this point, there is no credible evidence that would warrant bringing a criminal charge today," Talasnik said.

The prosecutor said his office, as a rule, does not comment on suspects or confessions, noting in general that not all turn out to be true. He cited as one example the case of John Mark Karr, who made headlines around the world last year when he issued a bogus confession in the 1996 murder of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey.

Leonard said he found the man's account credible, though ultimately, he said, "It's law enforcement's job to determine that."

"Do people come out of the woodwork and confess to things?" Leonard asked. "Yes, they do. But I don't think there are many people who would interject themselves in a quadruple homicide just for the hell of it."

He said the man "seemed obviously troubled by what he had done" and apparently attempted suicide again in recent days.

The man, a 45-year-old South Jersey native, was transferred from the Atlantic County Jail to another institution Thursday for an unspecified "evaluation," said the jail's warden, Gary Merline.

"It's a medical-related thing, and I really can't get into it," Merline said. He said he was unaware of any confession.

The man is known to investigators in the case. A petty criminal with a long record that includes convictions for theft by deception, forgery and shoplifting, he was interviewed extensively shortly after the killings because he knew at least two of the victims. At the time, he denied any involvement.

"I partied with a couple of these girls," he told The Press of Atlantic City last year. "I know I didn't kill nobody and didn't hurt nobody."

The bodies of the women -- Kim Raffo, 35, Tracy Ann Roberts, 23, Barbara Breidor, 42, and Molly Jean Dilts, 20 -- were discovered Nov. 20 just over the Atlantic City line, in Egg Harbor Township. Their barefoot bodies lay about 320 feet apart behind a low-rent motel.

Oleson, Leonard's client, lived in the motel at the time, leading investigators to look more closely at him. In April, authorities questioned him, impounded his car and searched his home in rural Alloway Township.

It was during the search that authorities found evidence he had allegedly videotaped a 15-year-old girl in the nude two years earlier. Charged with invasion of privacy, he has been held in the Salem County Jail since then in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Leonard, who contends the bail figure is disproportionately high because of the Atlantic County murder case, said he now expects Oleson will have his bail reduced either before or during his next court appearance Oct. 12.

Prostitute faces charges over daughter

A south Auckland prostitute who marketed her 16-year-old daughter for sex will be charged under the Prostitution Reform Act.

And her daughter has been referred to police Youth Aid after falsely claiming she had been raped by a man when a sexual transaction soured at Mountford Park about 1.30am on Thursday.

Police swarmed a central Manukau carpark yesterday looking to arrest the man after the mother called to say she recognised him. But when police interviewed the man, he denied raping the teenager and the girl's story turned out to be false.

Detective Sergeant Steve Brewer said the man told police that he gave the woman a cannabis "tinnie" for the services of her daughter because he did not have enough money.

The man arranged to pay the daughter with cannabis tinnies and a $20 note and an argument occurred over the amount being given following the act. The man left the girl and drove away.

Mr Brewer said that when police questioned the girl again, she admitted lying about being raped.


Her mother was to face a charge in relation to allegedly profiting from a commercial sex worker under the age of 18.

Police were not charging the man for cannabis offences as he did not have any on him when they spoke to him.

Prostitute's john reports rip-off

DAYTON — Sept. 24: A complainant reported he left a club on North Main Street, looking for a prostitute.

He found one. They went to a vacant apartment complex on Delaware Avenue. Several females were there.

He told police he must have passed out because when he awoke, his vehicle keys and vehicle, three credit cards, a bank card, a cell phone and a watch were gone. He said he may have been drugged.

His vehicle was recovered on West Hudson Avenue.

Hunt follows rape of teen prostitute

A 16-year-old prostitute was raped by a client after a "transaction" negotiated by her mother turned sour in South Auckland.

A member of the public found the girl semi-conscious in Mountford Park, Manurewa, about 1.30am yesterday after she had been raped and kicked in the head.

The rapist had picked her up earlier from Northcrest Way, where she and her mother had been working, said Detective Sergeant Steve Brewer.

"The mother asked the daughter to take the trick. She left in the car with him [but] became concerned ... and decided that she wouldn't proceed with the sexual transaction.

"He didn't take well to her pulling out and he's forced her to have sex. He's raped her in the car and kicked her in the head as she's got out of the car."

Child, Youth and Family had been told about the girl and her mother, Mr Brewer said.

Police are hunting a solidly built European male in his early 20s with dark-blond hair and a moustache.

He wore a white hooded sweatshirt with "echo" and a black T-shirt and drove a black Honda Civic with a registration that began with letters similar to DPQ.

Former Stripper Sues Packers' Harris Over 2005 Encounter In Club

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- A former stripper has sued Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris, claiming he sexually assaulted her in a strip club in 2005.

Harris' agent said the allegations are unfounded.

"I guess everybody has the right to sue, but in this case it just seems like extortion," agent Jack Bechta said. "This was something that the city and state had investigated very thoroughly, and they found nothing worth a charge."

Investigators determined that Harris and the woman had sexual contact in a private room at the Cheetah Pompano Beach in April 2005. But, citing inconsistent evidence and conflicting witness statements, Broward County prosecutors decided not to pursue charges against Harris.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Broward County Circuit Court, claims surveillance cameras in the club's private room were not functioning during the incident. The club is also named as a defendant.

The woman, who is not named in the lawsuit, is seeking unspecified damages, said her attorney, Joseph Nusbaum.

"She has suffered physical and emotional damages," Nusbaum said Thursday.

Harris, 32, is a 10-year NFL veteran with a starting role in the Packers defense. He did not participate in team practice Wednesday, said team spokesman Sam Kasan, who declined comment on the lawsuit.

OSU's third-team QB Henton charged with soliciting a prostitute

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Ohio State's third-team quarterback Antonio Henton was arrested on charges of soliciting a prostitute.

The 20-year-old Henton entered a not guilty plea Tuesday in Franklin County Municipal Court to the misdemeanor charge. Lara Baker, chief prosecutor in the city's attorney's office, said the penalty carries a maximum six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, but generally results in a small fine.

Henton, a redshirt freshman, was arrested by Columbus police Monday night near campus.

Ohio State said in a statement that Henton will not travel to Minnesota for Saturday's game.

"It's a great disappointment for our Buckeye football family, and we are very concerned for Antonio," coach Jim Tressel said in the statement. "Antonio is keenly aware of the standard we have for ourselves, and that makes this even more disappointing."

Creating More "Hooker Free Zones"

The problem is, Huntington officers posing as prostitutes and johns are out of new disguises and they're too well known to keep sting operations working.

So chief Holbrook says we can bust hookers before the transaction, for prostitution loitering.

When she's not tending to her parrots on the porch, Ana Gaston is out stenciling hooker free zone on her sixth avenue sidewalk, and taking requests for more stencils from neighbors fed up with a seemingly endless parade of streetwalkers.

Ana Gaston says my roommate was assaulted down on the sparks more violence, it's a criminal step.

On Chief Holbrook’s suggestion, Huntington city attorney Scott McClure researched and wrote an ordinance amendment that lets police make an arrest by simply observing someone who repeatedly beckons to, engages, hails, and waves arms or other body parts - to solicit sex.

Scott McClure says add up all of the above and it shows someone is a prostitute, or is soliciting prostitution.

Randy points out that in a thick stack of Huntington police reports from over the weekend, not one prostitution arrest, but the folks we talked to on the street, say they saw plenty of prostitution, all weekend long.

Chief Holbrook, the city attorney, Ana Gaston, they all believe the new hooker loitering law will spark more arrests and create more hooker free zones.

Ana Gaston says it will help clean up the streets and all the problems in Huntington that go with it

The law talks about selling sex for money.

We're told some city council members want to expand the law to define prostitution as sex for money or drugs.

The city attorney says he gets a little worried about constitutionality, the ordinance will stick with sex for money as the definition.

A first time prostitution arrest is a misdemeanor.

The penalty, up to a 100 dollar fine, or up to 30 days in jail, or both.

Police Charge Woman With Solicitation Of Young Girls

West Manchester Township Police charged a woman Thursday in connection with trying to recruit a girl inside a York Fair bathroom to become a stripper.

Police allege Kathy Lynne Hartman, 40, of Mechanicsburg approached a 13-year-old girl Sept. 12 inside a bathroom at the Toyota Arena. The woman told the girl she was pretty and gave her a business card for a strip club in Adams County.

Police charged Hartman with unlawful contact with a minor, criminal attempt to commit sexual exploitation of children, criminal solicitation to commit sexual exploitation of children and corruption of minors.

Hartman was arraigned Thursday before District Justice Daniel Garber and posted a portion of her $10,000 bail.

"It sounds like good police work, and it was made possible by a good employee and we're grateful for her effort," York Fair Vice President Gene Schenck said.

Schenck was referring to Dorothea Bennett, a bathroom attendant, who told police Sept. 12 that, earlier that day, she heard a woman tell two young girls she was a stripper and could teach them the "tricks of the trade."

The woman gave the girls - ages 10 and 11 - the business cards of an Adams County strip club, police said. Bennett intervened, telling the girls to "go to your mothers" and telling the woman to "get out of my bathroom."

Later in the evening, Bennett said, she saw the same woman - this time in a long blond wig and a different dress - again trying to recruit young girls.

Bennett identified the woman, and police questioned her. The woman told police she thought the girls were 18, Bennett said.

On Sept. 13, the 13-year-old girl told West Manchester Township Police that she, too, was solicited by the woman in a bathroom at the York Fair.

The 10- and 11-year-olds have not spoken to police, a news release stated Friday.

Police believe Hartman distributed numerous business cards advertising the strip club throughout the bathrooms at the fair, as well as at tables in and around the Toyota Arena, the news release stated.

Schenck said Friday he believed the fair's attendance was about 615,000 over 10 days, and, that in that time with that many people, unfortunately, things can happen.

"It certainly wasn't something we expect at the fair; it's not the kind of thing we want at the fair," he said.

Oscar De La Hoya Denies Claims that Stripper Took Racy Pics

Days after pictures surfaced supposedly showing boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya in women’s lingerie, a stripper is now claiming that she was the one behind the camera.

A new report says the pictures were taken by a Scores stripper with whom he had an affair.

But Oscar told “Extra” that the pictures are fake – and that his wife is actually getting a good laugh out of the situation.

Oscar’s good friend Mario Lopez spoke with him at length about the scandal and says, “His wife was teasing him that he looks better in lingerie than she does.”

Oscar and his lawyer both insist that the pictures are the work of a clever prankster skilled in Photoshop.

Said Mario, “I just spoke with Oscar about the photos and we both got a big kick out of them. He said he looked like his aunt.”

He added, “He’s very comfortable in his own skin...he’s really not sweating it.”

Maui police arrest 12 "johns" over the last two weekends

Despite negligible prostitution arrests in previous years, Maui vice officers conducted their first reverse sting operation over the past two weekends, netting a dozen alleged potential customers.

Undercover officers posing as streetwalkers targeted the demand rather than the supply in what the Maui Police Department dubbed Operation Reversal of Fortune, arresting 12 alleged "johns" in two areas.

Vice officers arrested three men Friday in Lahaina, and nine over the Sept. 7-8 weekend in Wailuku.

That means Maui police have arrested more "johns" in the last two weeks than prostitutes in the last seven years.

"We don't have a significant problem with prostitution," conceded vice squad Capt. Gerald Matsunaga.

He gave two reasons for conducting the sting.

"One is, we wanted to curtail any prostitution activity occurring anywhere in Maui County. No. 2 is to gather intelligence in prostitution activity in Maui County."

He described intelligence efforts as "an ongoing thing" that spans the worlds of prostitution, drugs and gambling.

Maui police have conducted numerous undercover sting operations to catch prostitutes, he said.

However, "it's the first time we've utilized the reverse sting, where we targeted johns," Matsunaga said. "They all, of course, deny it, like anybody else."

The sting operation did not require a lot of manpower, he added. On average, seven to eight officers were used each night.

Matsunaga would not disclose whether the undercover officers were male or female.

Police also would not reveal when more prostitution sting operations might be expected.

Maui police arrested two suspected prostitutes last year, two in 2005, none in 2004, one in 2003, one in 2002, none in 2001 and five in 2000.

Patron strips to avoid footing huge bill

A Chatsworth man appeared in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday after doing a Full Monty to allegedly escape paying his bill.

Jason Pillay, 35, — dubbed the “con man stripper” — has caused a stir at several Pietermaritzburg restaurants of late. Since November last year he has stripped off his clothes after being presented with the bill for his large quantities of food and alcohol.

He was remanded in custody until Thursday.

Pillay was apprehended last Tuesday at the Cascades Mall Simply Fish restaurant —- where he ordered 14 double whiskies and a brandy and Coca-Cola — by Townhill police.

When the waiter presented his bill, Pillay shocked the management and patrons with his striptease act. A Simply Fish employee managed to steer Pillay into the toilet and out of sight.

Pillay has been charged with indecent exposure and damage to property.

The former Townhill Hospital patient was first arrested after stripping at the Cascades Spur in November last year. He was charged with bilking and indecent exposure.

He was given leave to seek psychological assistance and ordered to return to court. A warrant of arrest was issued after he failed to return.

Since then Pillay has allegedly bilked at the Scottsville Mall Spur, Turtle Bay, Mugg & Bean, Pannarottis and Ocean Basket in Pietermaritzburg.

He was arrested and released on three different occasions. Pillay now faces charges relating to the other incidents of indecent exposure.

Ex-New Orleans prostitute says Vitter was a client

NEW ORLEANS — A former New Orleans prostitute who says she had an affair with Sen. David Vitter has passed a lie-detector test and will provide details of the four-month relationship at a press conference Tuesday, according to Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt.

Wendy Cortez, whose real name is Wendy Ellis, says she had a sexual relationship with Vitter, R-La., in 1999, when he was a state legislator.

Copies of the results of Cortez's polygraph test, which she took at Flynt's request, will be provided to reporters at the news conference at Flynt's office in Beverly Hills, Calif., Hustler said in a news release Monday.

Vitter spokesman Joel Digrado wouldn't comment on the Flynt news conference. In an e-mail, Digrado said, "Sen. Vitter and his wife have addressed all of this very directly. The senator is focused on important Louisiana priorities like the water resources bill and the Iraq debate."

Vitter, 46, apologized in July for committing a "very serious sin" and acknowledged his Washington phone number was among those called several years ago by an escort service run by Deborah Jeane Palfrey. The admission came after Flynt's Hustler magazine told the senator that his telephone number was linked to Palfrey's escort service.

Federal prosecutors accuse Palfrey of running a prostitution ring, but she claims her escort service was a legitimate business. Vitter was not charged with a crime.

Flynt has offered to pay $1 million to anyone who can show he or she had a sexual encounter with a member of Congress or a high-ranking government official. It is unclear whether he has offered Cortez any money.

Vitter, a first-term senator elected in 2004, has denied having relationships with New Orleans prostitutes. In a call-in radio show during the Senate campaign, he dismissed as "absolutely and completely untrue" that he had a relationship with a Wendy Cortez.

Stripper Spears's MTV comeback panned

BRITNEY Spears launched her highly anticipated comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards today, drawing ridicule by dressing up as a stripper and miming her new single.

The 25-year-old singer, whose professional achievements have been overshadowed by her personal crises in recent years, performed Gimme More in a black sequined bikini and knee-high boots.

No longer boasting the buff body that helped drive her to international superstardom almost a decade ago, the mother of two moved sluggishly around the stage at the Palms casino, often with the support of a troupe of dancers.

At one point, the camera panned to rapper 50 Cent, sitting in the audience, who looked bewildered by the action on stage.

"She blew it," gossip columnist Perez Hilton said. "Everybody knows Britney lip-syncs, but that's because she dances so much. She barely even danced in this. It was so bad. It was painful. It was embarrassing. And I loved it!"

Comedian Sarah Silverman also showed no mercy. She took to the stage when the performance was over, declaring that the singer's young children were "the most adorable mistakes you'll ever see".

It was not the only excitement at the two-hour show. Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, both former husbands of model Pamela Anderson, got into a fight while Alicia Keys was performing.

"There were no fists, they were just holding each other, grabbing each other," said Tom Higginson, singer of the pop band Plain White Ts. "Security had to break them up."

Almost lost in the shuffle was the fact that Spears' former boyfriend Justin Timberlake took home four statuettes, including male artist of the year.

Along with R&B singer Beyonce, he led the field with seven nominations. Beyonce won a single award - most earth-shattering collaboration - for her duet with Colombian pop singer Shakira on Beautiful Liar.

R&B singer Rihanna won the top prize, video of the year, for her smash hit Umbrella. That tune also won for monster single of the year.

Hip-hop singer Kanye West went home empty-handed after receiving five nominations. He was also not thrilled that Spears took the plum opening slot.

"I can't believe she would perform. She hasn't had a hit record in years," the outspoken hip-hop star improvised during a performance the night before.

Spears released her last studio album in 2003, the commercial disappointment In the Zone - and West has recorded three albums in that time. She has been working on a new album for more than a year, although it is not known when it will be released.

MTV brought the show to Las Vegas for the first time, hoping to reverse a sharp slide in viewership for its awards bash.

Last year's ceremony in New York drew 5.8 million viewers, down from eight million in 2005 and 10.3 million in 2004, according to Nielsen Media Research.

By contrast, the Grammys drew just over 20 million viewers in February.

Prostitute charged with murder in death of Villanova star Porter

A prostitute who was recorded as saying that she wasn't "losing any sleep" over the May death of former Villanova basketball star Howard Porter aided and abetted his killing, according to a criminal complaint released Thursday.

Tonya Evette Johnson, 33, was charged with second-degree murder for her role in Porter's death. She told authorities that she was street walking near her St. Paul apartment when she approached Porter for a "date." She said she brought him to her apartment to exchange sex for money and crack cocaine when four men rushed in and beat him, according to the complaint.

The complaint said an autopsy showed no drugs in Porter's blood when he died -- welcome news to some who knew that Porter had struggled with drug addiction in the past but had since turned his life around.

"That is good news," said Chris Crutchfield, spokesman for Ramsey County Community Corrections, where Porter worked as a probation officer. "Again, we want to stay focused on catching the people who did this. It's even better news that (authorities) have made another arrest."

Porter disappeared the night of May 18 after leaving his St. Paul home. He was found in Minneapolis the next morning, badly injured, and was taken to the hospital as a John Doe. Authorities realized later that the assault victim was Porter. He died on May 26.

According to the complaint, Johnson, also known as Tonya Evette Jones, brought Porter to her apartment on the night he disappeared. Johnson told investigators that four masked men rushed in, threw her to the floor, and demanded money and drugs from Porter. Johnson told police the four men beat Porter "real bad, God real bad" with their fists, feet and chairs and that "there was blood everywhere," the complaint said.

Johnson told police she knew one of the men was Rashad Arthur Raleigh, 29, who has been charged with second-degree murder. Authorities have said the investigation is ongoing.

The complaint said that Johnson told authorities in a Sept. 4 interview that she believes the door to her residence was locked and that Raleigh had a key. Johnson also said she cleaned up Porter's blood in the apartment after the beating.

And in a phone call recorded at the residence on May 23, Johnson is recorded as saying she wasn't "losing any sleep or getting any gray hair" about Porter's death. She also used expletives and said she didn't care about it and that "mines got to eat too, you should have been here."

The complaint said Johnson admitted it was her voice on the recording, but denied that she was talking about Porter's beating and death.

In a series of recorded calls, the complaint said, Raleigh told a caller from the Ramsey County Workhouse that Porter had "rushed" him and "didn't go along with the program." Raleigh allegedly also said that he robbed Porter because he needed money, but that Johnson had come up with the idea.

Porter was a standout at Villanova, leading the Wildcats to the 1971 NCAA championship game and was selected outstanding player of the tournament despite the Wildcats' loss to UCLA in the final. But he was stripped of his award and the team's accomplishments were wiped from the record books after it was learned he had begun dealing with an agent before the season ended.

Porter was drafted 32nd overall by the Chicago Bulls in 1971 and played seven professional seasons including stints with Detroit and New York but never achieved the success he had in college.

He became addicted to drugs and came to Minnesota for treatment. He decided to stay and became a probation officer for Ramsey County in 1995. Those who worked with Porter said he often used his past struggle with drugs to show his probation clients that they, too, could turn their lives around.

Witness jeopardizes ex-stripper murder case

BOYFRIEND SLAIN: Sister of defendant refuses; son of another fiance hard to locate.

The opening next week of the highly anticipated murder trial of former Anchorage stripper Mechele Linehan was in jeopardy Wednesday because a key witness was refusing to testify, according to the prosecutor in the case.

And another central witness -- the son of the man who has been convicted in the slaying Linehan allegedly had a hand in -- surfaced late Wednesday night, after he was thought to have vanished.

The uncertainty of the witnesses' availability had stirred the prosecution to file paperwork earlier with the court asking for a delay in the trial that was set to begin Monday. Prosecutors could not be reached Wednesday night to determine if the re-emergence of John Carlin IV would change their minds.

Harried phone calls were passing between lawyers late into the night. A pre-trial court hearing scheduled for this afternoon is expected to resolve some of the questions.

Linehan's sister, Melissa Hughes, told prosecutors last week she would not take the stand against her sibling, said prosecutor Pat Gullufsen.

Linehan, a former Bush Company stripper who is married to a doctor in Washington, is accused of conspiring to murder a former fiance, Kent Leppink, in 1996. Another fiance at the time, John Carlin III, was convicted in April of carrying out what prosecutors said was a well-thought-out plan by the pair to kill the man for a $1 million life insurance policy, which Linehan erroneously believed would be coming to her. They were arrested in October 2006.

Early in the day Wednesday, Gullufsen said Carlin IV, now in his late 20s, could not be found and seemingly did not want to testify. Carlin IV's lawyer, Darryl Thompson, late Wednesday, however, said he had contacted his client and that he would be testifying.

Asked whether his client had always intended to testify, Thompson said, "I think emotionally, he's kind of drained of this whole situation. So, is it his desire, does he want to do this? "No. But he knows he has an obligation and he doesn't want to see the state go through a bunch of rigmarole, and hassles, and warrants. ... He doesn't want to do that. He will come and if asked questions, he will answer."

He also said, "You know, it's a pretty difficult case. I think it's been difficult for him since he knows that his testimony played a role, in part, in his father going to jail."

Though Carlin's surfacing could solve one witness problem, the matter of Linehan's sister refusing to testify could still hinder the prosecution's case.

"Melissa is a very powerful circumstantial witness as to the state of mind of Ms. Linehan around the time that Mr. Leppink was killed," said Sidney Billingslea, an attorney who defended Carlin.

Prosecutors had planned to present the same witnesses and testimony at Linehan's trial as they did at Carlin's.

Linehan's older sister told prosecutors last week she won't testify against her sister. She told Gullufsen it would be extremely difficult to testify and maintain a relationship with the rest of her family.

Hughes is a key witness in the state's case. Just after the murder of Leppink, the younger sister told her older sibling that he got what he deserved, Hughes testified at Carlin's trial. "She said it was too bad someone didn't torture him first," she testified.

She also told the jury that her sister asked her, much more tech savvy than Linehan, to erase the hard drive on a computer. She didn't. The computer was later found to have what prosecutors claim were incriminating e-mails providing circumstantial evidence of the murder plot. During Carlin's trial, the defendant's lawyers disputed that, saying the e-mails needed to be read in context.

Carlin IV's testimony is expected to also be key. Jurors after the conviction of his father said it was Carlin IV's testimony that persuaded them to find his father guilty.

On the witness stand, Carlin IV said that he saw his father and Linehan cleaning a gun in a bathroom sink after the murder.

Stripper to testify in rape hearing

It will be up to a jury to decide between the word of a stripper and the Newton Falls man she accused of rape after he became infatuated with her.

The 20-year-old single mother of one, who worked as an exotic dancer at Chaser’s in Rootstown and then Club 76 in Austintown, is scheduled to testify today in the courtroom of Trumbull County Common Pleas Judge Peter Kontos.

Attorney John Juhasz, who represents Jeffrey L. Town, 48, of Tioga Street, Newton Falls, claims only consensual sex occurred in his apartment Dec. 11, 2006.

‘‘It was a consensual sexual relationship. Maybe a little weird, but nonetheless...’’ Juhasz said in his opening statements after a jury was seated Tuesday afternoon.

Town faces charges of kidnapping, gross sexual imposition and three counts of rape.

Tanya Bier, another dancer who worked with the victim at both locations, told jurors Tuesday, ‘‘He would come in and pay so she wouldn’t have to dance. He would pay her to smoke even though she didn’t smoke.

‘‘He said he loved her and wanted to take care of her and her daughter.’’

Bier also described a frantic friend who was crying and screaming hysterically, the night in question.

‘‘I told her don’t take a shower and go to the hospital,’’ she said.

The victim’s mother and brother of Brimfield also testified briefly, describing the same frantic woman, who finally wound up there before her brother took her to Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna, where Newton Falls police took a report.

County Assistant Prosecutor David Toepfer told the panel of seven men and five women that the victim, who went by the nickname of Roxy, was bruised around the mouth when Town grabbed her from behind, and that she had marks around her wrists where she was tied with duct tape.

Toepfer also describe a cut on the hand of the dancer, where he said Town pulled a knife and threatened the woman, slightly wounding her. A grand jury declined to indict Town on a charge of felonious assault based on the wound.

Toepfer said he has DNA evidence even though Juhasz doesn’t dispute the two had sex when she came to his apartment to clean and earn extra money to pay him for a car she had been borrowing and intended to buy.

Jurors hearing the case will not be informed that Town also faces an enhancement on his charges that he was a repeat violent offender with a prior conviction in the mid-1980s for kidnapping and felonious assault. Toepfer declined to comment on the prior conviction and the judge only would consider it at sentencing if Town is convicted.


HEROES actress ALI LARTER put all her energy into undressing for an episode of the U.S television show in a bid to be the 'world's best stripper'. Educating herself in lap-dancing clubs, Larter was not daunted by the prospect and spent "four hours a day for a whole week up and down a lap-dancer's pole". She says, "I thought, 'If I'm going to do this I'm going to be the best goddamn stripper the world has ever seen.' So I really threw myself into it." The ex-model and star of 1999 movie Varsity Blues insists she discovered 'a new-found respect' for women in the lap-dancing profession.

Malaysia's Muslim transsexuals battle sex change woes

When Khartini Slamah first came out as a transsexual, he was a dutiful Muslim son by day and a prostitute by night, working on the streets of the Malaysian capital.

The option of sex change surgery was out of the question in this moderate Muslim country where Muslim transsexuals are banned from changing their gender and same sex relationships are a criminal offence.

"I tried to find a job but because of my sexuality I was turned down," said the 44-year-old former prostitute who now works as an activist and counselor to other transsexuals.

Twenty years later, sex change surgery may be routine in some countries but it's still banned by law in Malaysia -- at least for Muslims. The ruling doesn't apply to non-Muslims who make up about half of the estimated 30,000 transsexuals in Malaysia.

The ban stems from an Islamic belief that it is wrong to alter that which God has given. This belief also forbids Muslims from dressing up as the opposite sex and undergoing major cosmetic surgery other than for medical reasons.

Non-Muslims don't have the same problems, although they do sometimes have trouble registering their new gender with the state and like their Muslim counterparts, many have to work as prostitutes as there are few job opportunities for transsexuals.

Malaysia's transsexuals are in a legal limbo.

In February 2005, a Malaysian court allowed a non-Muslim male transsexual to change the gender on his identity card after he showed medical evidence of sex-change by surgery, media reports said at the time.

But later that year, the government declared as invalid the marriage of a couple in which the wife was a non-Muslim man who had undergone sex change surgery, saying it was a same-sex union.

"We are tolerant of them (transsexuals). But whether we will have laws that will protect them -- I don't think with the conservative nature of our culture -- that we will," said criminologist P. Sundramoorthy.

For Khartini, dressed in a flowing lilac tunic with his feet squeezed into stiletto heels, the conflict between sexual identity and religion is sometimes too hard to bear.

"We are all in a dilemma. We are Muslims. They say this is not allowed, but they never tell us what are the options. I felt like it's being used to oppress. But I know that religion, Islam is so flexible...," said Khartini, a practicing Muslim.


Despite its modern exterior, Malaysia remains conservative. Capital Kuala Lumpur -- a bustling metropolis dotted by towering skyscrapers, flashy art galleries and riotous gay bars -- has a deeply religious underbelly.

U.S. singer Gwen Stefani was forced to cover up her usually revealing stage costumes when she performed recently in Kuala Lumpur after Islamic groups expressed fears she could corrupt the country's youth.

Government plans to introduce sex education in schools and to give free needles and condoms to drug addicts provoked a fierce debate, with some religious leaders saying this would promote promiscuity.

The past few decades have seen a rise in religious fervor among Muslims in Malaysia, with an increase in the popularity of Islamic banking and more women eschewing Western attire in favor of traditional Malay dress and headscarves.

Transsexuals are still social outcasts, the victims of physical abuse and verbal harassment by the public, police and religious authorities, who advocate counseling and the use of hormone injections to suppress transsexuals' inclinations.

"We very much encourage them to return to their original form," said Abdullah Md Zin, a minister for religious affairs. "We cannot accept them."

Transsexuals say their preferences are innate.

"There's something biological," said Teh Yik Koon, a criminologist and sociologist. "In my research, there are those as young as three, four years old, who don't feel as if they fit into their assigned gender role."

Few doctors perform gender realignment operations in Malaysia so those seeking the surgery must pay exorbitant prices abroad. Muslims, who make up 60 percent of Malaysia's 26 million population, risk being brought before Islamic courts, which under Malaysian law hear civil cases involving Muslims.

Islamic cleric, Mohamad Asri Zainul Abidin, one of Malaysia's most moderate Muslim leaders believes transsexuals should be fined or jailed if counseling proves ineffective at deterring them.

"We must try to reform them and give them advice. We must not allow them to stray," said the cleric. "Imagine if this world were filled with transsexuals -- what would happen to the human race?" ($1=3.472 Malaysian Ringgit)

Five hooker orgie for Ronaldo

He was never known for being a quiet guy, but Cristiano Ronaldo perhaps went better even by his own standards as a British newspaper uncovered a sex and booze night with five hookers in the company of new Man Utd signing Anderson.

The Sun reported that Manchester Utd officials are looking into the alleged affair, reporting that Ronaldo had sex for hours with the escort girls in his luxury pad.

It seems Ronaldo, with pal Anderson, partied all night long while having sex in jacuzzis and a pool, The Sun reported.

The girls took a series of photos inside the house on mobile phones, one even videoed and snapped Brazilian midfielder Anderson naked apart from a pair of boxer shorts.

The sex binge finally ended around 5am when one of the men told the girls to be quiet as Ronaldo was tired and he had gone to bed, the paper revealed.

God knows what happened when they won the league.