Patron strips to avoid footing huge bill

A Chatsworth man appeared in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday after doing a Full Monty to allegedly escape paying his bill.

Jason Pillay, 35, — dubbed the “con man stripper” — has caused a stir at several Pietermaritzburg restaurants of late. Since November last year he has stripped off his clothes after being presented with the bill for his large quantities of food and alcohol.

He was remanded in custody until Thursday.

Pillay was apprehended last Tuesday at the Cascades Mall Simply Fish restaurant —- where he ordered 14 double whiskies and a brandy and Coca-Cola — by Townhill police.

When the waiter presented his bill, Pillay shocked the management and patrons with his striptease act. A Simply Fish employee managed to steer Pillay into the toilet and out of sight.

Pillay has been charged with indecent exposure and damage to property.

The former Townhill Hospital patient was first arrested after stripping at the Cascades Spur in November last year. He was charged with bilking and indecent exposure.

He was given leave to seek psychological assistance and ordered to return to court. A warrant of arrest was issued after he failed to return.

Since then Pillay has allegedly bilked at the Scottsville Mall Spur, Turtle Bay, Mugg & Bean, Pannarottis and Ocean Basket in Pietermaritzburg.

He was arrested and released on three different occasions. Pillay now faces charges relating to the other incidents of indecent exposure.