South Bay stripper shames city hall

SOUTH BAY — It must be a girl. Because the faces in South Bay sure are pink.

A recently surfaced video shows women partying in the South Bay City Hall with a male stripper.

But officials who agreed to let the women have their little shindig said they were told the party was a baby shower.

"This is a major embarrassment to our city and our citizens," Mayor Clarence Anthony said. "It's unfortunate. We were trying to accommodate a baby shower - that's what it was."

Anthony said the recreation department double-booked the community center last Saturday night and the baby shower guests were going to be put out until city officials relented and let them have their soiree in city hall.

Anthony said it was an unprecedented decision - based on the fact they were told it was a baby shower.

"This will not happen again," Anthony said. "The image of our city is being tainted with the actions of the people who rented the facility."

The video was leaked to a television station, which aired a blurry image of a scantily clad male dancer on its 11 p.m. newscast.

Anthony said he's received hundreds of phone calls and e-mails.

"We are truly embarrassed," he said. "Did I already say that?"