Stripper's visit turns into robbery

FORT MYERS: A man's early-morning visit from a stripper turned into a robbery Friday.

Deputies say Brandon Hutchinson met a woman. Later identified as Angela Vanreyendam, as the Escapades nightclub Wednesday night.

The man exchanged phone numbers with Vanreyendam, 22, and left the club.

They agreed to meet at Hutchinson's house on Hartland Street in Fort Myers Thursday night, but after the woman didn't show, he went to bed.

Around 5:30 a.m. Friday, he heard a knock at the door. Vanreyendam was there, along with a man she identified as her cousin, Rodney Vanreyendam, 41.

Investigators say the three went into the home, where Angela Vanreyendam asked to use the bathroom.

Hutchinson told deputies he led her there, then turned around to Rodney Vanreyendam pointing a shotgun at him.

Deputies say Angela Vanreyendam came back with a handgun and demanded all the jewelry and money in the home.

The duo allegedly bound Hutchinson and taped his mouth while they ransacked the home.

They ordered Hutchinson into the bathroom and told him to wait for five minutes before coming out or he'd be shot.

He waited, then woke his roommate up and called deputies.

Investigators first went to the club. They learned Angela Vanreyendam had called just before their arrival asking the owners to shred all information about her and not give out any personal information to anyone who might ask for it.

Detectives tracked Rodney Vanreyendam to a home on SW 8th Court in Cape Coral.

They talked to a man living at the home, who said only his girlfriend was inside. But another deputy watching the home could see two women in a bathroom - one he identified as Angela Vanreyendam.

Rodney Vanreyendam was also found hiding in the home.

Deputies searched the home and found a gun, passport, wallet, keys and paperwork stolen from Hutchinson.

Both Vanreyendams are charged with home invasion robbery.


shelly said...

rodney vanreyendam is her father. he has 8 kids and he is a bum that never paid child support. just look in macomb county michigan. this guy needs to go to prison

Anonymous said...

And you know how Shelly? Maybe because you were married to him too Hah?

waltersm16 said...

well i said rodney was an alright guy and free dutch

Anonymous said...

i agree this guy does belong in prision who would do this with their daughter no real father would!!! i know both of these people and rodney is a big loser he does have 8 +++ kids running around between michigan and florida women stay away!!!!!! i dont personaly have kids with him but know someone that does and feel sorry for any women that ever let themselves get involed with him. Angie is a good girl just going down the wrong path hope she wakes up and does something good with herself but as for now shes like her father having babies and not taking care of them either .ANGIE IF YOU EVER READ THIS YOUR MOM LOVES YOU VERY MUCH SO DOES YOUR SISTER AND C.J. STOP DoiNG THIS TO THEM YOUR BEAKING THEIR HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know Rodney and his brothers. They sure break their mothers heart. Angie, you are a pretty girl and it's not to late for you. Stay away from your Dad and get your life back on track.\

Lani23BY said...

I just got out of HCI with Angela and she's a beautiful girl who made mistakes. I wish her and CJ nothing but the best. I agree about her Dad not being a positive person for her. She's doing so good there and going to school, I hope she's learned from all this. i love her ery much and know that she's changed so much. Lani

Lani23BY said...

I know Angela, I just got out of prison with her. She's doing so good, going to school. She's a beutiful woman who made mistakes. I know she's learned from this and just wants a new beginning with her son. I love her to death.