Alicia Keys' mom aborts stripper name

If it weren't for her mother, Alicia Keys might have a radically different image.

Keys, who has a new album titled As I Am, says that when she was trying to choose a professional name she went through a dictionary and stopped on the word "wild".

She tells Newsweek in the magazine's November 19 issue that she asked her mother how Alicia Wild sounded to her.

"She said 'It sounds like you're a stripper'," Keys said.

After that, she decided to use Keys.

"It's like the piano keys. And it can open so many doors," said the singer born Alicia Augello-Cook.


The Empress of Eccentricity said...

her mom was right.. There is a chapter in the book Freakonmics and it is devoted to names and the impact they can have on the outcome of your life..