Man's sex tryst ends at precinct

A 51-YEAR-old man's sexual agreement with an 18-year-old prostitute ended at the police precinct with his whole family in the know.

Edgar said the young woman left even before he can be satisfied. The young woman in turn claimed she stopped because Edgar got back the P450 he earlier gave her as "down payment."

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In turn, Edgar claimed he merely got back the money because the young woman refused to continue the sex act.

Edgar said he picked up the woman along Tionko Street, where several groups of prostituted women hang out. They first had dinner before checking into a lodging house where Edgar said he paid P300 for a room.

The agreed on price was P500 and the young woman demanded that Edgar pay up the P450 right away.

Edgar said in the middle of the sex act, the young woman got off and so he took back the money.

Now he's blaming the woman for the trouble he has found himself in. "Minsan lang ako maglipay-lipay nabulilyaso pa," Edgar said, admitting he is married with three children.