Vice girl apology, sorry for Mosley's wife

The blonde wife of a former intelligence officer - known during Mr Mosley's privacy case against England's News of the World as Woman E - was paid by the newspaper to record spanking and bondage sessions he enjoyed with her and four other women.

But she failed to give evidence during the two-week hearing at the High Court because of her "emotional and mental state".

The woman emerged from hiding on Friday night to give a TV interview but refused to give her full name even though her face was shown.

Using the name "Michelle", she said she felt sympathy for Mr Mosley's wife of 48 years, Jean.

"I feel really sorry for her and her family - of what they have gone through, it must have been absolutely devastating," she said.

Michelle, who has posed for pictures as a dominatrix, said the Formula One boss had acted as an inmate in a German prison scenario where other women wore German uniforms, but she denied the News of the World's claim there were Nazi overtones.

"I know for a fact that it was spoken about that Max actually found it quite a turn-on to speak to them in German. He liked the German language," she said.

The mother of two said she'd been "stupid and naive" to set up Mr Mosley, 68.

On Friday, Mr Mosley - son of 1930s British fascist leader Oswald Mosley - was awarded $125,000 damages for invasion of privacy.

Legal experts said the 54-page ruling could have implications for press freedom and investigations into the rich and famous.