Stripper arrested after hitting party guest with SUV

A woman was arrested over the weekend and charged with running down a man in an SUV after a dispute at a party where the woman performed as a stripper.

Hanna Whipple, 28, is in the Virginia Beach Jail charged with felonious assault.

Police spokesman Jimmy Barnes said the incident occurred late Saturday night, after Whipple danced at a bachelor party in a Town Center apartment complex. He said a dispute arose between Whipple and some of the party guests. After she was finished performing, she left the party and went to her Toyota 4Runner in the parking garage on Columbus Street.

One of the men from the party approached her, and she drove her SUV at him and struck him. Barnes said the 33-year-old man sustained a broken collarbone and a fractured leg. He was transported to Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, where a spokeswoman said he remains in stable condition.

Whipple was arrested on Sunday without incident, Barnes said.

Mayor in hot water over stripper murder

HE IS just an ordinary 15-year-old boy who wants to know what happened to his murdered mother. Yet Jonathan Bond’s painful and protracted quest for justice has plunged him into the heart of an explosive political scandal that has shaken Detroit and wrecked the career of one of America’s most promising young black politicians.

Bond is the son of Tamara Greene, a statuesque black stripper known as Strawberry, whose murder in 2003 triggered an avalanche of allegations about mayoral misconduct and police cover-ups.

The case pits Kwame Kilpatrick, the charismatic 37-year-old mayor of one of America’s most blighted cities, against a teenage plaintiff who is seeking R1.14billion ( 150million) in damages for allegedly covering up and obstructing an investigation into his mother’s murder.

At the heart of the Kilpatrick case is a hotly disputed account of a supposed party at Manoogian Mansion, the city-owned mayor’s official residence.

It was there in late 2002, according to court documents, that Strawberry was hired to perform at a raucous party allegedly attended by Kilpatrick, several police officers and “nude exotic dancers”.

The mayor, his police chief and numerous other city officials have denied that any such party took place.

Six months after the supposed party, Greene, 27, was shot 18 times as she drove to her boyfriend’s home.

The police lieutenant initially in charge of the murder investigation quickly concluded that Greene had been specifically targeted by a contract killer. Lieutenant Alvin Bowman has since testified in a sworn affidavit that his attempts to investigate reports about the party and Kilpatrick’s wife’s alleged involvement were blocked by the mayor and his staff.

“We haven’t sued the mayor for having a party,” Bond’s lawyer, Norman Yatooma said. “We’ve sued him for obstructing the murder investigation. And it seems pretty plain that this investigation was obstructed for no justifiable reason.”