Stripper arrested after hitting party guest with SUV

A woman was arrested over the weekend and charged with running down a man in an SUV after a dispute at a party where the woman performed as a stripper.

Hanna Whipple, 28, is in the Virginia Beach Jail charged with felonious assault.

Police spokesman Jimmy Barnes said the incident occurred late Saturday night, after Whipple danced at a bachelor party in a Town Center apartment complex. He said a dispute arose between Whipple and some of the party guests. After she was finished performing, she left the party and went to her Toyota 4Runner in the parking garage on Columbus Street.

One of the men from the party approached her, and she drove her SUV at him and struck him. Barnes said the 33-year-old man sustained a broken collarbone and a fractured leg. He was transported to Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, where a spokeswoman said he remains in stable condition.

Whipple was arrested on Sunday without incident, Barnes said.