Air workers in calendar stripper row

Airport staff were banned from making a nude charity calendar because bosses thought it might put off potential buyers of Gatwick.

The fundraiser for children with cerebral palsy was to feature 40 men posing for raunchy shots round the site.

It had won the backing of the managing director.

But just as workers were ready to strip, the new director of communications banned the shoot as he felt it was inappropriate.

Calendar organiser Alan Skinner was told bad press could affect the airport's sale.

The BAA security guard said: "I've no idea how a calendar with workers raising funds for charity would influence this. If anything it would have shown we're a forward thinking company. I'm sure we'd have sold hundreds."

BAA Gatwick replied: "The idea showed real creativity, but the calendar boys theme was felt inappropriate in a work situation. It is important we work hard to protect the airport's reputation."

Stripper Idol Under Fire From American Idol

Stripper Idol Under Fire From American Idol was a top story for this week. Here it is again: (TMZ) The people behind "American Idol" love amateurs -- just not the kind you find in strip clubs. FremantleMedia -- the massive corporation that created "American Idol" -- is suing the owners of the Palazio Men's Club in Texas -- which the suit describes as "a gentlemen's club at which women remove off their clothes while dancing to music" -- over a $500 stripper competition they held called "Stripper Idol."

In the lawsuit, filed this week in U.S District Court in Texas, Fremantle claims Palazio's competition -- which allegedly jacked Idol's name and trademarked logo -- has tarnished the singing show's good name.

Fremantle is looking to strip away the club's profits from "S.I." -- along with collecting on all damages sustained and legal fees accrued from the suit.

The club's owner, Lampros, told us: "I don't feel they have any grounds to sue ... This is just our way of inticing [sic] people to come out and have a good time and contribute to the economic crisis that is going on."