Channing Tatum gives Ellen DeGeneres a lap dance

Channing Tatum appeared on Ellen today not so much to promote Dear John, but more to promote that male stripper movie he’d like to make.

Ellen DeGeneres, who seemed surprised enough when Channing made his entrance dancing to make me think she’s never seen Step Up (!), was quick to bring up his stripper past as they sat in front of the fake fire. Just as he did in that Details cover story, he said he’s not proud of his all-male-revue past but he’s not ashamed of it either. DeGeneres wanted a show, and she got one. But it only lasted about two seconds. “You back it up like that?” Ellen said as the crowd (and Channing) howled. “Now I’m embarrassed,” he said. Ellen lamented the fact that she didn’t have a dollar to keep him going; he said that one was on the house.

The funniest part of the chat came when Channing described the weirder moments of the job. “You’d have some ladies be like, ‘Oh, you remind me of my nephew,’ and you’re kinda like [makes face as he continues grinding].” It made me think back to my sister’s 2001 bachelorette party in Las Vegas, the first and only time I’ve been at a male strip club. I distinctly remember one of her friends reenacting the moment she found herself asking her dancer, Sultan, where he was from (Michigan, I believe).

Judging from the audience’s reaction to Channing’s “I was a stripper!” announcement — and the woman left crying after he went into the audience to earn $1,000 for Haiti relief for every person he hugged and kissed (look how far he’s come!) — that stripper film is probably looking good to some studio exec right now.