Stripper boss fined R20000 for assaults

Stripper king Lolly Jackson must pay a R20000 fine or spend two years in jail after pleading guilty to shooting a former employee with rubber bullets, and other charges.

Half of his sentence was suspended for five years. Jackson will go to jail if convicted of assault again.

On Wednesday, Jackson entered into a plea agreement with a Randburg Magistrate's Court prosecutor and pleaded guilty to three counts of assault involving former employees and dating back to 2007.

In September, he had denied the allegations before the same court after handing himself over at the Sandton police station, where he was detained for eight hours.

Yesterday, he told The Time she had pleaded guilty for "commercial" reasons.

"I made a commercial decision, that's all, that's my comment," he said.

Jackson confessed to shooting former employee Thandi Maya with a paintball gun loaded with rubber bullets near his Teazers strip club in Randburg in 2008.

Jackson, 53, admitted in court papers that he had asked a man called Nukendi Pitshou to "moer " Maya.

Pitshou had punched Maya in the ribs before kicking him repeatedly, he said.

Jackson also pleaded guilty to asking Pitshou and another man, named as Manzoeno Tshien Tshien, to assault someone in 2007.

Jackson did not give reasons for the attacks.

Asking for leniency, Jackson said he supported three of his four children and employed 1300 people.

He had "severe heart disease" and had undergone a quadruple heart bypass operation in 1999.

He said he donated money to charities, including the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, the SPCA, and the Place of Safety for Abused Women and Children, in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg.

Jackson said his previous convictions were for "non-violent incidents" and that he was willing to pay Maya and Nhandolo R1000 each for their pain and suffering.

Jackson is a magnet for controversy. In December, Johannesburg businessman Michael Kalymnios claimed Jackson threatened him after he fell in love with a Russian stripper employed by Jackson.

Kalymnios met Yuliyana Moshorovska in January last year and took her on seven dates, for each of which he reportedly had to pay R5000.

Kalymnios claimed Jackson demanded R50000 because, he said, Moshorovska was under contract to him as a stripper.

Last year Jackson became the first South African to own the world's fastest production car, the Koenigsegg CCX, which reportedly cost him R14-million.

In 2006, a house belonging to Jackson that was being used to accommodate some of his strippers burned down.

It was then that he said that he would start attending church to rid himself of the bad luck plaguing him.