Stripper Mobile Takes Show on the Road to Tampa

Banned in Las Vegas, the "Stripper Mobile" which turned heads in Las Vegas has found a new home in Tampa. But for how long?

The roaming stripper vehicle, which rode down to Miami for Super Bowl weekend and is now back in Tampa Bay, is under the watchful eye of the Tampa Police Dept. to see whether it violates any laws.

"Our attorney is looking at the way (the dancers are) dressed and obviously some of the gestures that they are doing (to see) if that is a violation of some sort of city ordinance or state law," Tampa Police spokeswoman Andrea Davis told 10Connects in Tampa. But she also told the CBS affiliate that so far it doesn't appear the "Stripper Mobile" has violated any laws.

The stripper vehicle, with plexiglas sides and a stripper pole inside, roams the streets while the strippers dance. By design, the dancers are not wearing seatbelts. The police department says it does not appear that not being buckled is a violation.